3D Le Petit Chef at InterContinental Shenzhen

Karen Wang   |   August 31, 2021

Coming down to the InterContinental Shenzhen to enjoy the very first 3D Fine Dining experience. From this December, we’ll offer you the most unforgettable Le Petit Chef 3D project came from Belgium and tasteful dishes cooked by InterContinental insider chef.

Le Petit Chef 3D project was created by an intelligent team which is composed of two artists: Filip Sterckx and Antoon Verbeeck. For this project, they experimented with projection onto a dinner table. A miniature chef turns your dish into a projected grill. Show more interests even in your waiting time.

After being released on YouTube, Le Petit Chef caused a stir on the Internet. Then the Sense Media introduced it to the Chinese market, which gained a huge success at Beijing and Shanghai. This time cooperating with InterContinental Shenzhen is the first and only chance that guests could enjoy this project at Shenzhen.

” Bonjour!”



Smoked eel

Avocado and Kaffir Lime, Radish, Lemon Leaf


Shirmp, Mussels, Confit Fennel,

Semi-dried Tomatoes, Aioli

Wagyu Beef Tenderloin M5

Brussels sprout, Carrot Puree,

Truffle Gnocchi, Port Wine Sauce

Chocolate Sphere

Vanilla Crumble, Tiramisu Ice Cream, Hot Bailey’s


The world’s smallest chef cooks a typical fish dish, ‘Bouillabaisse’.In the footage, delighted guests are heard exclaiming and, every once in a while, reaching out to ensure that the seemingly life-like 3D mapping isn’t actually, you see, a very small chef.

Wagyu Beef Tenderloin M5

Le Petit Chef turns an empty dinner plate to grill a juicy steak. He chopping the broccoli , adding some potatoes and trying to get rid of an annoying fly. Then the best part comes, where the brilliant animation and sound engineering meet, is when the entire meal almost blows up and the realistic flames startle all the guests at the table.

Skullmapping studio completely changed the art of pre-dinner entertainment with projection-mapped tablets, and its biggest star is a tiny one-inch-tall chef. After the adventure before, this time the tiny chef prepares a romantic moment for his guests. The ice-cream made of snow, bringing out the playful child within everyone.

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The world’s smallest chef offers a fine dining… Bon appétit!

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