AZZURRO: Authentic Homemade Italian Restaurant

Now Shenzhen   |   August 25, 2021

Our executive chef is Diego Di Costanzo, born in 1962, from a family of restaurateurs in Ischia, province of Naples (Italy) beside the Mediterranean sea, surrounded with humble friends and colourful nature.
Diego, 意大利人,1962年出生在伊斯基亚岛的美食世家。伊斯基亚岛位于地中海边际,气候温和、景色秀丽、海鲜丰美、酒类醇香…..Diego 就是在这样得天独厚的自然环境中,和一群朴实的朋友一起长大。
“ The dish has to reflect perfectly the place of the origin of the food and also reflect perfectly the personality of the Chef because it has to give you 360 degrees pleasure, not only static pleasure, but also intellectual, it is like a great painting, which means that talking about art and food is similar.”-Diego
Diego说:“我希望每道菜都可以展现出他的个性和最原始的味道,因为它不单会给你带来360度的完美视觉,还会让你感受到从未有过的满足感。每一道菜都需要去精心制作,就像创作一幅画,这同时也意味着,艺术与食物是相通的。” 这是Diego对艺术的沉淀,悟出的美食真谛。
“Now i joined my new Riverlow family for a new exciting project named AZZURRO, the color of our national sport teams, the color of the sea and sky will remind me about my roots everyday. In this new adventure I promise that I will bring to you the taste and the pleasure of the authentic homemade Italian cuisine, with the hope to spread this concept all around China” – Diego Di Costanzo

Address & Contact Information

Chinese Name: AZZURRO

Address: grand floor, Shopping Park north, Zhong xin 2 lu ( near Fu hua road ) Futian CBD Shenzhen

Address CN: 福田区中心二路(靠近福华路)购物公园北园 楼面

Phone: +86 (755) 83167994/135 82355626