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Cian   |   December 27, 2019

For many of us, the most important time of the year is Christmas, and as such we spend a lot of time deciding where to spend that special day. We want somewhere we can enjoy a perfect meal that reminds us of those memories that we had growing up. We want somewhere we can feel the spirit and joy of the holiday season through the decoration and music. But most of all, we want somewhere we can be together with our loved ones. This year, that place was Grand Kitchen at Wyndham Grand Shenzhen.

You could feel the festive cheer the moment you enter the hotel lobby; from the beautiful Christmas tree to the jolly Santa Claus ringing his bell and wishing you a happy holiday. It’s a warmth that was continued to be felt as you arrived at Grand Kitchen, where all the staff greeted you with a smile and wished you a “Merry Christmas.”

The restaurant was alive with that special kind of excitement that only comes on Christmas Eve. Sat around the tables, where western families keeping their traditions even though they are thousands of miles from home, as well as Chinese families looking to create pastimes of their very own. All the guests looked excited to start their meal, and rightfully so.

No meal can truly be called a Christmas meal without a Traditional Roasted Turkey. Luckily, Grand Kitchen had a dedicated carving station serving the holiday favorite. Roasted to a beautiful golden brown, the turkey breast was juicy while the crispy skin gave it that extra flavor. When you added the giblet gravy or cranberry sauce, along with a side of carrots, potatoes, and peppers, then you had yourself the perfect plate for Christmas. The Pumpkin Cream Soup with Turkey and Chestnut was another must-try while the Roasted Whole Lamb in Xinjiang Style gave a Chinese flavor to another festive favorite.

There were countless other food highlights too. The most impressive of which was the live cutting of a whole Bluefin Tuna by the hotel’s Michelin chef. Along with the fresh tuna, there was plenty of salmon, kanpachi, and sea bream sashimi. There was also a wide selection of sushi and there was no shortage of seafood either with the Australian Tiger Crab, Boston Lobster Claw, and New Zealand Mussels and Open Shell Oysters.

The choice of dishes didn’t stop there either, with a variety of both Chinese and Western dishes available. Highlights from the Western Cuisine station included the Roasted African Chicken, Japanese Braised Salmon Belly in Japanese Style, and the Spanish Honey Roasted Pork Ribs, while the Chinese Cuisine Station boasted local favorites such as Fried Crab with Garlic and Chilli, Poached Wenchang Chicken with Coconut, and Braised Duck with Sour Plum.

The dessert station was a true winter wonderland; from cute Santas and little Christmas trees, to tiny red hats and presents with a ribbon. Each cake was lovingly crafted with such beautiful detail, that it felt like a crime to even touch the little delicious pieces of art, let alone eat them. The highlight, however, was undoubtedly the giant Yulecake that really had to be seen to be believed.

Yet, Christmas is more than just a lovely meal. It’s the decorations. It’s the music. It’s the entertainment. It’s the children playing and laughing. And that is what made it such a special Christmas Eve at The Grand Kitchen at the Wyndham Grand Shenzhen.

There were the angelic carolers singing traditional songs, a live band reminding you of all your favorite festive pop hits, a clown performing magic tricks, and even Santa Claus himself going around the tables to give the little kids a gift for being good. It all came together to create a lovely Christmas memory.

Christmas is an important time of year and usually we spend a lot of time deciding where to spend that special day. But not next year. Next year I will know exactly where to book straightaway.

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