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At Bromsgrove School Mission Hills, we are committed to building a pre-eminent school. Our programme is unique, with a blend of best practice from both East and West, focusing on the wide benefits of bilingualism and remaining, always, focused on success for the child and open-minded to innovative approaches to achieving this success. Our partnership with Bromsgrove School, UK, brings the depth and breadth of expertise and knowledge a historically successful school affords, elevated with the passion and pioneering spirit of a newly established school. We are constructing an exciting new campus and continue to leverage the world-class facilities available to us through the Mission Hills Group. We are dedicated to hiring successful teachers with a proven track record, who can best deliver our engaging and challenging programme of learning.

The decision that parents make about where to send their child to school is undeniably an important and personal one. It is crucial to be well-informed about the school’s philosophy, goals and approaches to ensure these align with those of the family and the needs of the child.

We are dedicated to building a dynamic learning community and we invite you to share in this exciting journey.

For more information, please click below website: http://bromsgrove.mhis.education/ or contact 0755-28010733. 

Bromsgrove School Mission Hills (www.mhis.education), invested and built by Mission Hills Group (http://www.missionhillschina.com), is a 15-year (K-12) through-train international school. It is a bilingual, co-educational, day and boarding school for students from age 3 to grade 12, from Pre-School to Pre-University entrance.  Students have the option to enroll in either the boarding or day school program. At full capacity, the school will be expected to enroll 2,000 students.

The Pre-School (for 3 – 5 year olds) opened in September 2015, in a 4,000 square metre well-equipped and modern facility, designed for children’s use with bright and comfortable indoor space, a well-resourced library, dedicated music and dance studio and spacious outdoor playground where children can enjoy many varieties of activities to enrich their development in a holistic manner.

Adjacent to the Pre-School is the state-of-the-art purpose-built BMH Prep School, which will officially open in 2017. We are accepting applicants in Prep School(Prep 1-4) for the 2017-18 Academic School Year. 

In terms of curriculum, the Pre-School and Lower School blends Canadian (Ontario) and relevant Chinese National curricula and takes reference from other leading international curricula, focusing on the development of the whole student from intellectual, social, physical and creative perspectives. In the Upper School, the International Baccalaureate’s (IB) Middle Years Programme is offered to the students from Grade 7 to 10 and the Diploma Programme to the students of Grades 11 & 12.  The programs are designed to help students develop the intellectual and personal skills necessary to live, learn and work in a rapidly globalizing age.

The outstanding sporting facilities will include a 2000 square meter fully equipped triple-gym sports hall, a high caliber fitness center, 25 meters 8 lane indoor aquatics center, and a large sports field and the 400-meter track. MHIS will also leverage the world-class golf and tennis facilities and have access to an NHL-size indoor ice rink.  For the students who wish to develop their golf, tennis or ice hockey game to a higher level, Elite Sports Academies will be offered for these three sports. 

柏朗思观澜湖国际学校 (www.mhis.education) 由观澜湖集团(http://www.missionhillschina.com) 出资创建,是一所15年一贯制(K-12)的国际学校。向3至18岁孩子提供从幼儿园小班至大学预科阶段的双语制男女混合学校,学生可选择走读或寄宿。学校设计满员可提供2000个学位。



课程方面,幼儿园及小学会采用加拿大安大略省课程,兼顾国内相应阶段课程,并参考其他经实践获得好评的国际教育课程精要部分,确保学生在智力、社交及体能等方面均全面发展。在中学的7至10年级,学校开设国际文凭中学项目 (IB-MYP) 课程;11 与 12年级,则开设国际文凭大学预科 (IB – DP) 课程。课程着重学生智力及个人技能之发展,在这瞬息万变的全球化时代,培养学生具备各项所需能力,为未来获得成功打下坚实基础。

观澜湖国际学校配备完善的体育设施,包括占地2000平方米配以齐全设备的三重体操运动馆、高质素的健身中心、25米内含8条泳道的室内游泳中心,以及附设400米长跑道的大型运动场。除此之外,学校更可享用世界级的高尔夫球场、网球设施,及符合国家冰球联盟标准的室内滑冰场。假若学生日后希望进一步深造自己的高尔夫、网球和滑冰技术,则可报读与学术课程同时展开的精英青少年运动学院。Place Description (Chinese/中文):  Address: 1 Mission Hills Road, Shenzhen, PRC 地址:中国深圳市龙华新区观澜高尔夫大道8号 

Address & Contact

  • Chinese Name:  柏朗思观澜湖国际学校
  • Address:  8 Mission Hills Road, Shenzhen, PRC中国深圳市龙华新区观澜高尔夫大道8号
  • Phone:  +86 (755) 2801 0733
  • Website: www.bromsgrove-mh.com/en-us/
  • Email:  [email protected]

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