Learn Chinese from Chinglish

Angela - HLC   |   October 7, 2020

It’s fun to listen to non-native speakers speak English. But if you pay attention to the mistakes they make, you might find interesting rules from those mistakes and learn a lot about their mother tongues.

Today, we’re going to talk about some very typical Chinglish sentences, explain the reasons and find the Chinese grammar rules & speaking habits from these mistakes.

  • Waiter, I want ……  服务员,我要……

It’s not rude to call the waiter/waitress and order food by saying “I want ……” in Chinese

  • Fighting! 加油

Chinese people say jiayou a lot to cheer someone up, but a lot of people thought “fighting” is the correct translation in English from Korean TV shows

  • I very like dogs  我很喜欢/我非常喜欢

Yes, you can put very(很/非常) in front of some verbs like 喜欢/不喜欢/讨厌/爱……

  • You want to play together with me?   你想跟我一起玩吗?

The word play(玩) could means to hang out or to travel in many situations in Chinese

  • This is my Girl friend, he is …… 这是我的女朋友,她是……

He/she/it in Chinese have the same pronunciation ta. That’s why a lot of Chinese people find it difficult to think of the gender when talking

  • It has small rain outside  外面下小雨了

Small rain(小雨) in Chinese means drizzling

  • I closed my phone  我把手机关了

To close(关) in Chinese also means to turn off

  • Are you convenient?  你方便吗?

“你方便吗?”actually means is it convenient for you

  • Drink hot water is good for your body  喝热水对你的身体好

Body(身体) in Chinese also means health.

  • The school has a lot of students  学校有很多学生

Have(有) in Chinese also means there are/is.

  • Give you 给你

给你actually means here you are


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