Phoenix Athletics Kicks off Season 1

David Ho   |   September 29, 2020

The first season for Phoenix Athletics is underway! Whilst it’s not the typical start to the school year we still have over 65 students who have signed up to take part in the sports programme for Season 1. The Phoenix Athletic program has been adapted to allow students to still have the opportunity to be part of a team sport and develop their skills, in a safe environment. 

Iron Sharpens Iron in High School Girls Volleyball 

Michelle L. a centerpiece in the 2019-20 girls volleyball and a recent graduate. Has put on her coaching hat and is sharing her knowledge and passion for the game. The girls’ team this year was looking forward to the competition, they retained a good core of players from the previous year. With a good number of Y11’s in the side, girls volleyball has a bright future at ISNS. 

Hitting the Ground Running with MS & HS Cross Country 

Cross country running is in its second year as a sport at ISNS. The team has been enthusiastically hitting the track as coach R. Mona puts them through a training session, leading from the front. Cross country running is a great way for students to get fit especially for upcoming seasons. The team trains on a Tuesday and Friday after school, all you need to join is a good pair of shoes and a positive attitude. 

Badminton is Booming! 

MS badminton goes from strength to strength, with over 30 students trying out for the squad. Coach J. Baglole had the tough choice of trying to pick a squad, which in the end was too hard! So two squads were chosen with one group practicing on Tuesday and the other group on Thursday. 

Get Fired up for the Phoenix Cup 

MS football has always had a healthy number of participants, eager to build on the phoenix legacy. With over 20 students coach J. Lanshe and coach H. Wu has put together 4 teams who will battle it out for the Phoenix Cup in a head to head round-robin competition. The teams all train together on a Monday after school and then go at it on Thursday playing 2 games each. After 2 weeks of competition, things are pretty close, as teams are still trying to gel and find some continuity.  

Team A=Fire Frogs 

Team B=Blazing Badgers 

Team C=Hyena Heat 

Team D=Spider Sparks 

Looking ahead 

HS volleyball teams still continue to practice and compete amongst ourselves on-site. Week 3, round 1 of the Phoenix Cup on Thursday sees the Fire Frogs v Blazing Badgers on field 1 and on field 2, Hyena Heat v Spider Sparks. A big thank you to C. Massey, J. Baglole, H. Wu, J. Lanshe and R.Mona for providing your expertise.  

Go Team Phoenix 




        Michelle L.是2019-20学年排球队中的核心人物,也是今年的毕业生。她已经准备好教练员这一角色,与排球队成员分享她的专业知识及对排球运动的热爱。本学年的女子队期待着赛季的到来,她们队保留了去年的核心成员。有着多位11年级成员的女子排球队定能在深圳南山国际学校绽放光彩。 


        越野跑在深圳南山国际学校作为一运动项目已经2年了。运动员们在 R. Mona教练带领下积极参与跑步训练。学生参加越野跑训练有利于健身,尤其是新一季的集训。越野跑于周二和周五放学后进行训练,报名参加的你只需要一双好的跑鞋以及积极向上的心态。 


        中学部羽毛球队人才济济,超过30位学生报名参加羽毛球队。J. Baglole教练在挑选队员时难以抉择,直到最后也没有决定!因此将报名学生分为两组,一组在周二训练,另一组在周四训练。 


        中学部足球队总是有不少健将希望打造专属的凤凰传奇。超过20位学生报名参加, J. Lanshe教练和 H. Wu教练将球队分为4组,为赢取凤凰杯轮流进行激烈角逐。所有分队都在周一放学后集训,然后在周四每组进行2场比赛。经过两周的比赛,队员水平会变得十分清晰,因为各分队都在努力凝聚力量,尝试寻找发展的可延续性。 






        高中部排球队会继续在本校参与训练。第三周周四,第1轮凤凰杯角逐赛将在火蛙队 v烈火獾队间在场1进行,以及鬣狗热队 v 蜘蛛火花队在场2进行。在此特别感谢 C. Massey、 J. Baglole、 H. Wu、 J. Lanshe、 R.Mona教练提供的专业训练。 


-Contribution by Nate Talamahina: Athletic Director and Head of Physical Education

–文章由体育部负责人Nate Talamahina提供