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David Ho   |   May 9, 2019

What are we looking for in students at Whittle School & Studios

Because we believe that every student is a unique individual with unlimited potential, our mission is to let them shine in at least one passionate, purposeful pursuit in which they will achieve excellence, and as a result, lifelong confidence. 

Therefore, we respect every child’s choice. He or she can be an explorer who aspires to travel around the world, an artist who inspires others with infectious enthusiasm, a scientist who strives for knowledge, or a caring community service worker that takes action to improve the lives of others.

The Founding Whittle Scholars program was created to help children achieve their dreams. Now, let’s meet several Founding Scholars from DC Campus —


Isabel Gray

Entering our Global Boarding Program in grade 9, Isabel comes to Whittle  School & Studios from rural North Carolina with a passion for environmental justice, music, and public speaking. She lives on a large farm with her family – including her mother who is an environmental educator at a wildlife preserve, and her father who is an artist and musician. Isabel also has twin 10-year old brothers. She is a global stand-out student, with a zest for exploration. Isabel was the youngest person (at 11) invited to Antarctica on a scientific expedition by British Polar explorer Robert Swan. She raised funds for the expedition by playing the fiddle at local cafes and music venues.

  • Gold Key Medalist for Poetry in Scholastic Regional Awards; 2019 Silver Medalist for Poetry in Scholastic National Awards; 2018 Gold Key Medalist for Flash Fiction in Scholastic Regional Awards
  • 2018 Award-winning poet and conference speaker for The Pulitzer Center’s “Causes of Conflict, Prospects for Peace”
  • Spoke at a Citizen’s Climate Lobby event on rising sea levels at the South Carolina Aquarium
  • Named as sole youth in Charlie Magazine‘s “50 Most Progressive” in Charleston, South Carolina

Isabel raised funds for the expedition by playing the fiddle at local cafes and music venues.


Fu Jiajia

Entering our Global Boarding Program in grade 9, Jiajia comes to Whittle School & Studios with a long list of interdisciplinary achievements in the arts and sciences. She possesses the mind of a scientist and musician, attending a small private school in northern New Jersey. Jiajia has received national level awards in piano and has scientific research at a Harvard University program. She has notable awards from state-level science Olympiads, national piano competitions, and national-level recognition in Mathcounts team challenges. She has already completed coursework in honors and AP biology, honors chemistry, honors English, geometry, and AP computer science. Her National Poetry Contest poem was selected to be published.

  • Classical piano gold medal winner in Little Mozarts International Competition
  • Gold & Silver medal winner in the Crescendo International Competition
  • Gold medal winner in the AADGT Passion for Music International Competition
  • New Jersey Science Olympiad Regionals team member
  • Member of the Mathcounts New Jersey Chapter Competition team that won 1st place in regionals, advancing to the state-level
  • Multiple award levels with the “Picture This Harvard Invitational” (2nd place in the Potions and Poisons category, and 3rd place in the Density Lab category)


Charli Montgomery

Entering grade 6, Charli is a nationally renowned ballroom dancer and has performed at major events across the United States, most recently as a national qualifier with the USA Dance Mid-Atlantic Championships.  She has performed at the Gold level in multiple categories.  Additionally, Charli is a top student hailing from a public school in the area of Charlotte, NC.  She also studies Mandarin and Russian with strong proficiency in both languages, preparing her extraordinarily well for a Whittle education.  Her deep interests in history and the social sciences will also make her an academic and extracurricular force among our students.   

❏ About the Founding Whittle Scholars Program

The Founding Whittle Scholars program is a highly selective scholars program for a group of exceptional, high-achieving students in the middle and upper-grade levels. Each Founding Whittle Scholar will be selected by our global advisory members.

By the fall of 2019, up to 10 of the Founding Whittle Scholars will receive a scholarship award to cover their tuition fees. Scholarships will cover 50%-100% of the tuition fees at Whittle School & Studios, not including boarding (for students of Grade 1 through 12 on DC Campus, the tuition figure is $ 49,155/year). Once a Founding Whittle scholarship is awarded, it is awarded annually until graduation. No further application is required. (Scholars’ academic performance will be reviewed by the Scholarship Committee every year).

All Founding Whittle Scholars will receive a one-time $2,000 Innovation Grant to be used for in-depth research and/or a creative project.

❏ Campus-level Scholarship

In addition to the global-level founder scholarship, we have set up four additional scholarships at the campus level, to encourage more outstanding students to continue to excel as role models:

❏ How to apply?

In 2019, all applicants to Whittle School & Studios will receive automatic consideration based on the materials submitted in their original applications. An executive committee comprised of the senior leadership and advisory board members will review finalists and select the cohort of Founding Whittle Scholars.

In 2019, all applicants will also have a chance to be awarded campus-level scholarships. The selection procedures and criteria will be announced in due course.

To learn more about our scholarships, please come to our Information Event or email us at: [email protected].

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