Shenzhen American International School Middle School Scholarship Program

David Ho   |   March 9, 2018

Shenzhen American International School Middle School Scholarship Program

SAIS(Shenzhen American International School) is the first and finest project-based learning school in Shenzhen.  SAIS students not only show strong growth on standardized tests such as the MAP test; they also learn creativity, collaboration, communication, and critical thinking through in-depth project-based learning.  SAIS is now providing scholarships to newly enrolled students who show strong academic performance in English and Mathematics.

Application Requirements

  • Students not currently enrolled at SAIS, nor enrolled at SAIS for the previous academic year
  • Students entering grades 6 through 8
  • Students holding a foreign passport or ID
  • Students with high English proficiency  

Award Amount

  • 40% tuition discount for an exceptional application (see selection criteria)
  • 25% tuition discount for a strong application (see selection criteria)
  • The award is for tuition only.  Other fees, such as the application fee, capital fund fee, and optional transportation fee apply in full.  

Application Instructions

  • Submit the following documents to the SAIS admissions office:
    • A letter of introduction in English, no more than 2 pages, explaining why you want to attend SAIS and how you will be a positive addition to our school.
    • 2 years of school records in English
    • 1 letter of recommendation from an English or Mathematics teacher
    • Copies of the student and parent passports or residency permits
    • The standard SAIS application form, completed in English
      • Available at the admissions office or at
      • The school is located at 80 Gongyuan Road in Shekou, just north of Gongye 7 Road.
      • (fees will not apply until the student decides to enroll)
      • Email the above documents to [email protected], or deliver them to the admissions office in person.
      • Finalists will be contacted to visit SAIS to interview with the admissions director and sit for the MAP tests with the principal.

 Important Dates 

  • March 12-April 30 – applications accepted at the SAIS admissions office
  • May 9 (evening), May 12 (afternoon), or by special appointment – students visit SAIS for interview and testing
  • On or before May 18 – candidates will be notified about the status of their scholarship application
  • On or before June 1 – students enroll at SAIS

Selection Criteria 

SAIS is offering this scholarship to provide financial assistance to new middle school students with strong skills in English, Mathematics, and social character.  All elements of the process will be considered, including the school records, teacher recommendation, on-campus interview, and MAP test scores.  Students must test above grade level on the MAP test to be considered.  The number of scholarships will vary, depending on available seats and the number of qualified students.  Students who do not receive a scholarship are still welcome to enroll at SAIS for full tuition.  The scholarship decision is final and may not be appealed.

Length of Scholarship 

The scholarship extends through the 8th grade year.  Therefore, a 6th grade student would have 3 years of scholarship, a 7th grade student would have 2 years of scholarship, and an 8th grade student would have 1 year of scholarship.

The scholarship must begin the following school year.  Families may not defer the scholarship.

Loss of Scholarship

A student may lose their scholarship for the following years for academic or behavior problems.  Students who are not maintaining a high academic standard, or who are having behavior problems, will be notified and put on probation.  Failure to improve academics or behavior could result in loss of scholarship for the following years.

If a student withdraws from SAIS, the scholarship is immediately forfeit, and no cash refund is available for the remaining value of the scholarship.

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Shenzhen American International School, No.80, Shekou, Nanshan district, Shenzhen

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+86 (755) 86316699