We Are Celebrating Literacy!

David Ho   |   September 10, 2020

According to the United Nations Education, Scientific, and Culture Organization (UNESCO), “Since 1967, International Literacy Day (ILD) celebrations have taken place annually around the world to remind the public of the importance of literacy as a matter of dignity and human rights.”

This year, the theme of International Literacy Day (ILD) is Literacy Teaching and Learning in the COVID-19 Crisis and Beyond.

Last year, on Friday, September 6th, students and teachers observed International Literacy Day at ISNS. It was a gorgeous Shenzhen day. We gathered outside on the field and participated in a communal Drop Everything and Read (DEAR) event.

Once again, ISNS celebrated International Literacy Day, with social distancing in mind. On September 8th, students and teachers recognized the event by setting aside time to enjoy a fiction or non-fiction book, e-book, magazine, and/or graphic novel in the language of their choice throughout the day.

Although International Literacy Day is once a year, we want to encourage you to celebrate literacy as often as you can. Why not take the time to read on your own or to your children or with your friends and celebrate the joy of reading.

Let us know what book you are currently reading in the comment section below.




        去年9月6日星期五,ISNS的学生和老师们一起庆祝了国际扫盲日。这一天是深圳美丽的一天。我们聚集在室外的操场上,参加了一个集体的 “放下一切一起阅读”的活动。 




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