Shenzhen Nanshan Bilingual School is a good school

Honesty   |   September 1, 2021

Hi Every one,

I am working in Shenzhen Nanshan BIlingual School happily. The school honored what is written in the contract. Our salary is on time. The salary is increasing for every renewal of contract. The school is really working hard to provide a valid working visa for all foreign teachers. If the documents of the foreign teachers are complete and valid, there is no reason that they could not get working visa .

The school provides housing allowance to all foreign teachers which is enough for the house rent. There is Chinese staff assigned to help looking for a descent and safe apartment for newly employed foreign teachers, 2 months deposits and 1 month advance payment is usually asked by lanlord in order for you to occupy the apartment, and that said amount is too hard for newly hired teacher . Philip, the head of Human Resouce Department usually helps foreign teachers to pay for the deposits and advance payment. He is kind, considerate and approachable.

Tim, a Vice principal is descent,very professional, kind,intelligent and a good leader. He never entertains gossips because he is very busy for his job. His concentration is to cater quality education for students and quality service for staffs.

Youcef is capable to his position as head teacher. He is corcerns of the Academic Achievement of students.

Regarding the cleanliness issues that had been mentioned particularly in the Teachers` Office. I beg to disagree to that statement because personally I could not work in a dirty environment. My point of view is, If someone is complaining about cleanliness, suppose it may start from you. First, clean your own desks and be a role model to your collegues so that everybody will follow you. Why not start having self analysis and think of the following critically;

1.Did I contribute anything to my school to cater quality education for my students ?

2.What is the best practice that I need to show to people around me that they may follow?

3.Why I do I need to complaint, Can I provide all the documents that required by the authority to process my working visa?

Then think of the answers on the following questions above, I`m sure you will realize that the school has no fault but you have.