Experience our Shenzhen Wine and Cheese Event (VIDEO)

Vera Tse   |   September 2, 2021

“Thanks for organizing such a good event!”

“You guys really did a good job. I really enjoyed it. Thanks”

“I loved it and I had a good night. Thank you!”

These are most inspiring words and words I most heard when our guests leave with smiles after each Wine and Cheese Event. These make our whole-month-long efforts worthy.

Although the event is regularly organized for almost ten years in Shenzhen and earns its reputation, still many people will wonder what this event is like. In this article, I would love to share experiences from our regular guests and my own thoughts of it through these videos in order to give you a vivid idea about our event. You can also have to look at our past event gallery.

This video was made by Shinemax Media at  Blue Italian Seafood & Grill Restaurant in Venice Hotel Shenzhen, our September 2012 event venue.  

The following video was made by Shinemax Media at  JW Marriott Hotel Shenzhen, our May 2014 event venue. 

The video of our September 2014 event at Lobby Lounge of The Hilton Shenzhen Shekou was made by Lily Video Media.

The events are organized and managed by the Shenzhen Wine and Cheese Club, which is now under ShenzhenParty.com. Established in November 2003, the club aims to offer a platform for people all over the world to gather in the spirit of networking and making friends. Fine wine and cheese lovers are invited to taste international wines and selected cheeses at the best venues around town. The event is held one Saturday night each month and lasts for three hours. The venue is usally a five star hotel or another similarly trendy place. In the event, everyone wears a name tag so that it will be easy to raise a conversation and meet new people. Also you don’t have to worry if you forget someone’s name! Lucky draw will be done during the night and the prizes are usually one-night-stay at a room in the hotel and vouchers, etc.. To make sure everyone has a chance to win, we will remind our guests to bring their business cards for it everytime. Nice wines, tasty cheeses, delicious food, casual & friendly people in an elegant setting; all these elements make each wine and cheese event a memorable and enjoyable one.

Before every event, we will send out a newsletter to announce it with details and after that, a photo gallery of the event and a thank-you note will be sent to our guests as well. I hope this article can give you a general picture of what Wine and Cheese Event is like. Sign up for our newsletter on the Shenzhen Wine Club Web Site.

We warmly welcome you to bring yourself, friends and family to join our monthly events with a different theme each month! You may plan early and find our monthly wine and cheese event guide and description here, Wine and Cheese Club, and send your RSVP to [email protected]. We look forward to meeting you and welcoming you to the Wine and Cheese family!