ISNS Diploma Programme Art Exhibition goes Virtual

David Ho   |   May 28, 2020

ISNS IB DP Grade 12 visual artists present the ISNS IB DP EXHIBITION 2020, a collection of individual virtual exhibitions which encompass their selected artwork from the past two years of the Diploma Programme. 

Join us today, Monday, May 25 for the opening of our first ever virtual exhibition. Scan the QR code below to attend the event.

The DP Visual Arts Exhibition is one of three assessments that the IB DP Visual Arts students complete for this course. Students engage in creating a body of work which encompasses a main concept that they would like to communicate to their audience. This year, the students have explored a variety of ideas and art mediums to communicate the messages behind their artwork. Hear from our students regarding the theme they chose for their body of work and see a sample of their collection.

Emily Y.  “Observation”

“The main theme of my exhibition is ‘observation’. My artworks are all surrounding the theme of my observation and reflection of phenomenon around me”—Emily Y., Grade 12 DP Visual Arts student 

Emily Y. 

Les Republica 

Digital Illustration

60 x 60 cm

Emily Y., Grade 12 DP Visual Arts student 

Johnson L. “Dreams”

“The main theme of my artworks is ‘dream’, and ‘dream’ has two meanings, the first meaning is the dreamland you go to while you are sleeping, and the second meaning are the dreams and goasl you want to achieve in your life”—Johnson L., Grade 12 DP Visual Arts student

Johnson L.


Jewelry (designed and 3D printed with spray paint finish), rhinestone

2x4cm, 2x4cm, 7x14cm

Johnson L., Grade 12 DP Visual Arts student

Lynfid T. “Identity”

“My exhibition expresses my idea of self-identity. Through my exhibition I hope the audience learns about me, and themselves, by sharing the importance of expressing one’s self identity.” – Lynfid T. Grade 12 DP Visual Arts student

Lynfid T.


Digital drawing

40 x 40 cm

Lynfid T. Grade 12 DP Visual Arts student

Annie G. “Sarcasm Towards Societal Morbid Obsession”

“My works are full of conflicts. They are heavily influenced by modern and industrial elements while merged into fanciful and abstract ideas. I really enjoy those varieties.”—Annie G. Grade 12 Visual Arts Student

Annie G. 


Collage of acrylic painting, glasses, and tapes

50 cm x 59 cm

Annie G. Grade 12 Visual Arts Student

Michelle L. “ Exploration”

“This body of work was planned carefully to be centering around the theme “exploration”, but it gradually becomes the documentary to my experiences and growth over the two years”  – Michelle L. Grade 12 Visual Arts Student

Michelle Lu

A Trap

Digital Illustration

30 x 30 cm

 Michelle L. Grade 12 Visual Arts Student

For a tutorial on how to navigate the 3D Exhibition, watch the brief video.

The IB DP Visual Arts Exhibition 2020 will run virtually from May 25—June 25. We hope you can join us to celebrate our students.  

Thank you for all of your support!  

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