Open Mic and Jam night in Shenzhen, Bring it on!

Michelle Song   |   August 30, 2021

If you ask me about the top things I love about this vibrant city, the local music scene has to be the first on the list. Shenzhen is a place for everyone from the very young to the elderlies. If you’re a musician, no matter what kind of music you play, you won’t have any trouble finding your niche here. Every week from Monday to the weekend, bars in Shenzhen will be lit up with live music from local and foreign jammers. Grab your guitar and music spirit, share a tune at the following bars in the city and connect with your fellow musicians:

Monday: X-TA-SEA Shekou

Tuesday: McCawley’s Futian

Wednesday: Blu Bamboo , Spurs Swingers Bar

Thursday: Rapscallions

Friday: Xpats Bar and Lounge

Sunday: La Casa

Even if you don’t play any music, you should come and treat yourself a bonanza of melodies. Hopefully they will make you fall deeper in love with the city.