How to Add Your Events on

David Ho   |   June 4, 2020

Adding events to our event calendar is currently free to everyone. You don’t even need to register/sign in to post your events. As long as you have events to share you are free to post it on

Why post events?

By uploading your events, you will get:

  • Quick Approval (Even on the weekends)
  • A chance to get promoted to our social media (Wechat/Facebook/Newsletter)
  • Best exposure for foreign circle in Shenzhen/Hongkong (Let everyone know your events better)
  • Better ranking at Google Search Engine
Our Wechat /Image courtesy of Wendy Ho
Our newsletter /Image courtesy of Wendy Ho
Our Facebook / Image courtesy of Wendy Ho

How many other people are posting events?

We have a range of organizers who are posting events on our website. Join us now!

How to post your event?

Tap the button to upload your event:

Its mobile-friendly can be done through your mobile phone.

Here are steps on how to post it:

1. Fill in all required blanks and basic information.

/Image courtesy of Wendy Ho

2. Insert event time & date.

/Image courtesy of Wendy Ho

3.Insert images and fill in information as below. Note, we only allow users to insert one photo at the moment.

4.If cannot find your own venue/organisers, fill in whole information and click “create”.

5. Add price (You can choose currency for HK events vs. Shenzhen events here. Then submit.

6.Click “VIEW YOUR SUBMITTED EVENTS” you can check if your event is approved or search previous events that you have submitted before.

/Image courtesy of Wendy Ho

Events usually take 1-2 working days to get approved. Please be patient after submitting as our editorial team will need to review and check before it gets published on our website. We hold the rights to determine whether your event will get approved.

Please feel free to contact us if you encounter any problems when submitting your event/having questions. The best way for us to help you is if you can provide screenshots of the problems you encounter to our Email: [email protected] so we know how to help.

Content Submissions

By uploading contents, images, videos or text to this website you agreed to grant rights to Ltd. and its subsidiaries to use it in our publications in anyway we see fit.

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