Shenzhen 7th Oktoberfest is Coming!

Monica Zhou   |   October 6, 2021

In 2006 “OKTOBERFEST” landed on Venice Hotel Shenzhen and became a trend word in fall. Since then, in every November, people gather in the tent built in the back garden of Venice Hotel and toast for a stately reason – for the Oktoberfest!

As the festival approaches, Venice Hotel Shenzhen held a grand news release conference on September 27, 2012. All mainstream media friends, sponsors and VIP guests have witnessed the exciting moment. On the conference, the vice president of operations of the Venice Hotel Shenzhen announced that the 7th Oktoberfest is going to start on November 9, 2012 and last to November 18, 2012. This 10-days carnival allows people from all corners, no matter what nationality, race and language they are and speak, to get together and to enjoy this great party!

Beer is the leading role in the festival. The hotel specially invites German beer-making master to make unique flavor fresh beer and places it into a 300ml glass. After saying “Prost”, toss off the glass. Surrounding by the flavor of beer, you can feel the feelings of German who has serious outlook but passionate inside.

Band is another highlight in the festival. The Bavarian band “Muenchner Musikanten” is going to give our guests wonderful performances. Besides the German folk music and international pop music, games are added for interacting with guests.

Food is the best reason for drinking. German chef will cook the most traditional food to our gusts such as white cabbage with bacon and caraway, beef broth with traditional pancake or liver dumplings, etc.. What’s more, this year we use new tent, which is large and has good ventilation.

Also, go to the main website and get chance to win 2 Oktoberfest tickets by scanning the barcode on the left with Wechat and follow The Venice Hotel Shenzhen’s Wechat account!

We hope our guests can enjoy themselves and experience exotic cultures. The Venice Hotel Shenzhen expects your coming!

Event time: November 9th 2012 to November 18th 2012.

Booking Hotline: 0755-26936888 ext. 8765

Individual Booking: RMB 328 net per person.

Photos about past years’ oktoberfests: