Ticket Giveaway免费抢票 – Shenzhen Budweiser Storm Electronic Music Festival

Wendy Ho   |   August 30, 2021

For more event info please go to 2016 Shenzhen Budweiser Storm Electronic Music Festival

ShenzhenParty.com is delighted to hold 2016 Shenzhen Budweiser Storm Electronic Music Festival Tickets Giveaway for our dear users. Many thanks to A2Live. We will pick up 2 winners, each winner will get 2 tickets Each ticket is worth RMB380!!

福利大放送!!这次非常荣幸能和A2Live合作共同举办此次抢票竞赛,我们将选出2名幸运儿,每名幸运儿将获得2张 每张价值380元的门票!!

How to win?

  1. Register an account if you don’t have one. (be sure to provide your mobile phone number and WeChat id when registering) 若无账号请在网页右上角”Join”先注册账号(请记得提供有效的手机号/微信账号)
  2. Sign in and answer the question below 登陆账号并回答下面的问题
  3. Scroll to the comments section then write and submit your answer 移步到文章底下的”comments section” 去底部评论一栏写下并上交您的答案

Contest Question: How would you celebrate your Christmas & New year this year and why?

回答问题:今年打算如何庆祝圣诞和元旦节? 为什么?

  • We will randomly pick 2 winners (Winner will get two tickets) 我们将随机抽取2位获奖者 (获奖者将获得2张门票)
  • We will notify you by phone if you win and if you do not respond within 24 hours you will not fit your winning ticket. 我们将以电话形式进行通知,若24小时内没有回复我们将取消赠票!

Deadline: 截止日期

  1. The deadline of the contest is 02:00 P.M. Dec 8th, 2016. 截止日期:2016年12月8日 下午2点
  2. All matters and disputes will be subjected to the final decision of ShenzhenParty.com. 所有的争议将由Shenzhenparty.com做最后决定

Note: 注意

Follow one of the rules below so that we can contact you: 务必遵从以下规则提供您的联系方式:

  • Leave all essential information (your name + valid mobile number) in your account/PM the author on the above. 在您账号留下您的姓名和有效手机号码在您账号上或者发到上方小编的账号
  • Send your information to [email protected] and state CLEARLY of your website account name+valid mobile number. 发送邮件到[email protected],需提供清楚网站账号名+有效手机号

Answer will be counted as invalid if you do not follow the rules above! 若不根据以上步骤参赛将视于无效参赛!

Extra: 额外

If you want to increase your chance of winning, come join our Wine and Cheese Event!! We’ll giveaway 2 pairs of ticket at the lucky draw as well! Don’t miss out!!! For more details of the event, scan the QR code below. Or click here: Wine & Cheese Club

如果你想增大中奖几率,参加我们红酒与芝士俱乐部吧!酒会的抽奖环节也会送出4张珍贵的门票!有吃有喝还有大奖拿!!!千万不要错过了!查看更多详情,请扫图下二维码. 或者点击这里:Wine & Cheese Club