Where To Find The Finest Moon Cake This Mid-Autumn Festival

Edward O'Neill   |   August 28, 2021

It’s that time of year again in the Chinese calendar where families come together to celebrate the Mid Autumn festival. They share gifts including fruits and candies, but most famously they exchange moon cake. The round pastry has become synonymous with the festival and over the years more and more exciting new flavors have been added alongside the traditional cakes. We looked at where to enjoy the finest of them this Mid-Autumn festival.

Some Of The Finest Moon Cake Shenzhen Has To Offer

At The Langham

The Langham group is renowned for its excellence in Chinese cuisine. Their restaurants T’ang Court, Yat Tung Heen and Ming Court have all been awarded the prestigious Michelin stars. So when the moon is full and families reunite for the Mid Autumn festival, it’s no surprise that The Langham have some of the most highly coveted moon cake.

The flavors that you find in The Langham moon cake gift sets are designed by the group’s three master chefs. For those who love traditional flavors there is the White Lotus Seed Paste with Double Egg Yolk moon cake. There is also the Langham signature Mini Custard with Egg Yolk moon cake. Customers can enjoy a 6 piece set of either for RMB268 or an assortment of the two for RMB298. There’s even a 20% discount if you purchase before September 22nd. To order, call (86) 755 8828 8097.

A Unique Moon Cake From An Award Winning Chef

At JW Marriott Golden Bay

Along with all your favorites, customers can enjoy a truly unique moon cake at the JW Marriott Golden Bay. The hotel went a step further by inviting Chef Leo Cao, 2016 Champion of the Marriott Chef Battle for North China, to design an exclusive moon cake for their customers. The result was the XO Sauce and Meat Moon Cake. The award winning chef combined the freshest meat with his homemade XO sauce, which was created using only the finest ham along with scallops and sea shrimps. The moon cake leaves you with a sweet sensation and even a little spicy aftertaste. Other must try new flavors include Japanese Mocha and Caramelized Coconut.

Some say the Mid-Autumn festival is comparable to Thanksgiving in the United States. If that is indeed the case then there are few better ways to show your thanks than gifting friends and family a moon cake gift set from the JW Marriott Golden Bay. The Reunion Box is available at RMB198 while the Deluxe Hamper is RMB598 and comes with a bottle of wine. To order, call (86 755) 2839 8888.

Enjoy All Your Favorites

At Hilton Shenzhen Shekou Nanhai

When it comes to variety, few can compete with the Hilton Shenzhen Shekou Nanhai’s selection of moon cakes on offer this holiday season. The Luxury Box boasts eight different flavors including classics like White Lotus Paste with Double Egg Yolk, along with Cantonese favorite Creamy Coconut, and the Taiwanese stylings of Creamy Blue Cherry, Creamy Cherry, and Osmanthus & Pear.

The vibrant blue and orange box design is sure to brighten up anybody’s Mid-Autumn festival and each compartment contains a different moon cake delight. The aforementioned Luxury Box costs RMB288 and there is also the Superior Box with six pieces for RMB268. If you are looking for something a little smaller than you can always try the Deluxe Box at RMB238. To order, please call +86 755 2162 8888.

Spoilt For Choice

At Futian Shangri-La

In what must surely be the largest selection of moon cake around, the Futian Shangri-La are offering ten different sets to help you celebrate the Mid-Autumn festival. Prices start at RMB208 and go all the way up to RMB2,688.

The most sought after of the box sets will most likely be Snow. Priced at RMB388, the collection includes exciting flavors such as Passion Fruit and Pomelo, Strawberry Paste, and Crispy Chocolate and Musang King Durian Paste. The Reunion box set, with Coconut Paste and Blueberry Paste, and the Brightness box set, including Spicy Beef Paste and Red Been Paste and Dried Orange Peel, are two other favorites. Reunion comes with a RMB100 voucher at Café Zen and Brightness gets you RMB100 off at Shang Garden. They are priced at RMB268 and RMB298 respectively.

There are three hampers to choose from, but the most eye catching has to be the Flourishes Hamper. It includes, among other gifts, bottles of Piemonte wine and Lambrusco, homemade chocolate and macaroons, a voucher for two at Café Zen, and of course, an assortment of all the holiday favorite moon cakes. To order, call (86 755) 2151 3838.

The Venice Raytour Hotel

If you are looking for something traditional to give this Mid Autumn festival, then the selection of moon cake packages at The Venice Raytour Hotel is likely to have just what you are looking for. There are three gift sets available including the Venice Deluxe Box, Venice Superior Box and Venice Mini Box. All collections come in gift boxes made of fine satin and with exquisite floral artwork. Prices range from RMB268 to RMB388. To order, call (86-755)2693 6888-8765.

Also Try…

InterContinental Shenzhen

This year’s gift box design has been inspired by the window glass of Spanish architecture while the inside lining boasts a vibrant plaid pattern that hails from the Scottish highlands. Look inside to discover mooncakes made following the strictest Cantonese tradition and using only the most authentic of ingredients. The Shredded Coconut Stuffing and Cranberry with Red Wine stand out amongst the traditional mooncakes. Prices range from RMB268 to RMB398. To order, call +86 755 33993388 ext 8599.

Sheraton Dameisha Resort

Celebrate your Mid-Autumn festival at the shore at Sheraton’s Dameisha Resort and enjoy the full moon down by the beach. The luxury seaside hotel offers a range of three different moon cake gift sets with prices starting at RMB268 to RMB468. To order, call 0755-8888 6688.

Four Seasons Hotel Shenzhen

The Four Seasons Hotel’s mooncake is presented in a gorgeous looking red and black gift set. The box set is priced at RMB368 and contains the classic holiday favorite flavors of Pumpkin, Green Tea and Supreme Lotus Seed. The hotel offers free delivery to all districts of Shenzhen and for those who order early or in bulk can enjoy as much as 40% off. To order, call +86 (755) 8826-8606.

Wyndham Grand Hotel

The Wyndham Grand Hotel offers a wide range of mooncake box sets so you can find the perfect gift for your family, friend or colleague. The prices start at RMB88 for the Tong Qing set, which contains two mooncakes, and goes all the way up to RMB288 with the Zhi Zun collection, that has a selection of eight. Highlights include the Osmanthus & Longjing and the Cantonese Creamy Custard. To order, call 0755-82998888 Ext. 8590.

Crowne Plaza Longgang

This year, the Fortuna Restaurant at Crowne Plaza Longgang is celebrating Mid-Autumn Festival in style. Mixed in with old time favorite mooncakes like Egg Yolk Creamy and Red Bean are some more modern creations. Sample the Mu Sang King Durian mooncake, which is made from durian stuffing imported from Malaysia to give a unique flavor. Prices vary from RMB108 to RMB428. To order, call 0755-3690 0617.

Grand Mercure Shenzhen

Enjoy the coming together of old and new at the Grand Mercure Shenzhen this Mid-Autumn festival. In the Li Yue gift set you can find old childhood favorites such as the salty and crispy Egg Yolk with White Lotus as well as the rich tasting Chinese Ham with Assorted Nuts. You can try new flavors too in the Shang Yue collection with the likes of the unmistakable Durian, creamy Custard and crisp Cashew. Check out their WeChat (‘GrandMercureSZ_’) for great savings. To order, call 0755 83500888.

Marco Polo Shenzhen

Whatever moon cake you are looking for this Mid-Autumn festival, it’s likely you can find it in one of the moon cake hampers from the Marco Polo Shenzhen. For RMB268 you can have the Deluxe hamper that includes four pieces of the quintessential Double Egg Yolks with White Lotus Seed Paste. At RMB258, the Mini hamper contains a selection including Crispy Chinese Yam with Medlar Paste and Cranberry with Egg Yolk Custard Paste.To order, call 3339 7714.

JW Marriott Bao’an

In one of the more artistic box sets of the festival season, the JW Marriott Bao’an design casts a traditional oil paper umbrella against the backdrop of a classic riverside scene. The hotel offers 2 gift sets and one hamper in which you can find a wide range of delectable moon cakes including Egg Yolk Lava and Mix Dried Nuts flavor. In the hamper you will even find an Armani cuff link alongside seasonal fruits and macaroons. To order, call +86 (755) 2323 8888.

Wongtee V Hotel

Presented in an understated and classy brown and tan box, the Wongtee V Hotel moon cake set is an ideal gift set for those looking to impress a style conscious client or colleague. Inside you can expect fragrant moon cakes made with only premium ingredients. There is a 20% discount for those who order before September 30th. To order, call (86-755)88288 9011/8828 9073.