Dr Mark’s Suggestions on the Four Pediatric Diseases in Autumn

NowShenzhen   |   August 23, 2018


Autumn is the season of higher incidence of many diseases. Babies will easily get sick because of the instability of the temperature.So how to prevent that from happening?


1. Influenza  流感

Influenza is a respiratory tract infection caused by influenza virus,mainly spread through droplet,direct touch or contaminated items.You should avoid staying with influenza patients,keep indoor air ventilation disinfection and strengthen body resistance.


2. Diarrhea  腹泻

Autumn diarrhea happens frequently from September to November ,which is caused by rotavirus,poor immunity or changeable weather.It is advised not to bring babies outdoors often,maintain a high hygiene standard,see a doctor if the child has persistent high fever with pale face.Breastfeeding is advocated and we should regularly disinfecting feeding bottle and tableware to avoid cross infection .


 3. Asthma  哮喘

Asthma is allergic constitution which is sensitive to allergens and it will lead to bronchospasm,hyperaemia of bronchial mucosa,increased bronchial secretion ,cough,short of breath,lots of sputum and so on.You are reminded not to contact the mite droppings,wash your bedding more frequently,and don’t use the carpet or plush toys.Stay away from secondhand smoke and avoid going out during the polluted days.


4. Pharyngitis  咽炎

The weather becomes dry in Autumn.Babies usually drink less water because of less sweating.The dry throat will cause bacteria which leads to pharyngitis and bronchitis.So drink more water instead of drinks,as drinks contain too much sugar that can not replenish moisture. Meanwhile,maintain the indoor humidity,get a humidifier if necessary.



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