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Shenzhen-Based YouTube Series ‘Our Chinese Life’ Take an Amusing Trip to Zhuhai

This week saw the latest episode of ‘Our Chinese Life’ debut on Youtube, in which the Kay family take a weekend trip to the coastal city of Zhuhai in search of some rural peace and quiet.

The web-based series – which combines 1980s home-movie aesthetics, light-hearted comedy and vignettes of expat life in China – focuses on the experiences of the Kay family, an Anglo-Dutch family of four as they make their way in the often baffling, surprising and amusing world in which they find themselves. Think Family Ties-meets-a DIY take on Modern Family and you’re in the right wheelhouse.

The Our Chinese Life family; Ursula, David, DeeDee and Freddy.

To keep up to date with future episodes of ‘Our Chinese Life’, don’t forget to subscribe to the family’s Youtube channel and leave a comment if there’s anything you’d like the gang to cover in future episodes.

Funny Chinese Countryside Adventures | Ep.4

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