HH Gourmet is a well known and well-liked establishment located on Rose Garden in Shekou. Opened in November 2012, this has been one of the Shenzhen success stories in what is a notoriously difficult F&B industry.  It’s a smaller space, but still ample enough to meet friends, enjoy a meal, relax with a coffee, work online or whatever you need to do each day

Something for everyone at HH Gourmet Bagels / Picture courtesy of HH Gourmet

 The bagel is a very popular way to start the day but it can be difficult to get good bagels in Shenzhen, but at HH that problem goes away. With 56 different types of New York style bagel on the menu, it is safe to say this is indeed a bagel specialty. They are all freshly made each day in the factory and delivered to the store ready for the eager customers to consume.  You can combine whatever style of bagel you like with whatever type of cream cheese you like, there are many kinds to choose from. These are also made from scratch each day.  For a purist such as myself a standard bagel with cream cheese does the job well, but for the more adventurous out there you can mix and match to your hearts content. The jalapeño and cheddar cream cheese is an example of that.   

Bagel with lox, cream cheese, onion, tomato and capers / Picture courtesy of HH Gourmet
Classic choice. Bagel and cream cheese / Picture courtesy of Joe Macpherson
Bagel Chips / Picture courtesy of HH Gourmet

But there is more to the menu here than just bagels, the extensive omelette selection is impressive.  Each with an interesting name such as ‘meat lovers’ or the ‘yoga’ they use 4 eggs and are packed with ingredients. The portions here are very generous and you get great value for money. All menu items (except weekend brunch) are available all day, so there is no need for the bagel or any other dish to be purely a breakfast only item. The choice is yours.   The weekend brunch is also popular with items such as eggs benedict and screwdrivers available.

The yoga omelette, healthy and delicious / Picture courtesy of Joe Macpherson
HH Gourmet Bagels has an extensive omelette menu / Picture courtesy of HH Gourmet

The coffee uses locally sourced Yunnan coffee beans and it is very smooth and delicious to drink.  Popular variations such as ‘pumpkin spice’ and ‘gingerbread’ are also available.  The coffee beans can be bought in store as beans or online as powder.

great tasting and value coffee / Picture courtesy of Joe Macpherson
Scone with lemon curd, nice option with a coffee / Picture courtesy of Joe Macpherson
Cookies and cream cheesecake / Picture courtesy of HH Gourmet

HH Gourmet also has a massive online presence. They provide city wide delivery, and if you buy before 2pm it is shipped the next day.  The bagels, cream cheeses, coffee and more are available to buy and have them conveniently shipped to your home for a morning treat. The online menu is extensive and there is something for everyone.  The bagels are vacuum sealed and individually wrapped ensuring freshness and quality control.  They can even be frozen and used at a later date. So if you are looking for a bagel and more then swing by HH Gourmet, it wont disappoint.


南山 43-B 望海路,南海玫瑰园二期

43B Coastal Rose Garden II, 43-B Wanghai Rd

2683 9259
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Written by Joe Macpherson at www.wanderlustwelshman.com

Other cafes have bagels in Shenzhen.

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