Daily ¥100 Giveaway + 20% Off From Now Until March 28th

NowShenzhen   |   March 18, 2020

EatForCharity, China’s newest online food delivery platform, is wrapping up its ‘Early Access’ phase with two special offers:

Daily ¥100 Giveaways
20% OFF on all orders

EatForCharity launched its ‘Early Access’ phase just as restaurants and bars in Shenzhen were forced to suspend their dine in services amid the new coronavirus epidemic.

“We launched in a bit of a rush as restaurants really needed the support when the government practically shut them down,” said Gary Isse, founder of EatForCharity. “We only had 7 restaurants in and accepting orders on that first day, February 17th. They were all in Nanshan District, and mostly in Shekou, but we’ve been getting a lot of interest in the idea from all over the world so we’ve been adding new restaurants non-stop since then and hiring more staff to keep up with the demand. We’ll be hitting 30 restaurants from across Shenzhen by the end of the week, and will soon be entering other cities in China.”

EatForCharity is currently available in English, Chinese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish with more languages coming soon.

Due to their rushed launch, they opened up to the public using a BETA version of their platform, which they refer to as ‘Early Access’. They’ve had a few glitches but have been making a lot of improvements since then. “We’re really excited about the progress so far. We’ve fixed all reported issues and continue to make improvements based on comments we’ve been receiving from our users. On March 28th, we’re going to officially go live and get out of the ‘Early Access’ phase,” Isse told us.

In celebration of wrapping up it’s “Early Access” phase, and to thank everyone who has supported since their launch, EatForCharity, which gives a percentage of every order placed through its platform to charitable causes chosen by customers, will be giving away a ¥100 voucher every day from now until March 28th to one lucky customer daily, selected at random from the previous day’s orders. Additionally, everyone who orders gets 20% OFF all orders until then.

This isn’t the first promotion they’ve done. On March 8th, they offered 50% OFF all orders to everyone in celebration of Women’s Day. They received so much traffic that day that their servers crashed at lunch time.

“It was a pretty hectic morning but we got through it. We upgraded our servers within a few minutes of the crash and our staff learned quite a bit about handling big rushes.” ~Gary Isse, Founder, EatForCharity.

Gary assures us that they’re ready now for this next promotion. If you’d like to receive the 20% OFF discount, and a chance to win ¥100 each day, enter this special ShenzhenParty voucher code on the Checkout Page and 20% will be deducted from your order total and you’ll automatically be entered into the drawing for the voucher: SZParty1

To order now or to browse their menus visit EatForCharity.cn or scan the QR Code below. Eat Good, Do Good!

  • Limitations: There are no limits. Feel free to use the voucher as often as you’d like until March 28th!

NOTE: Due to the coronavirus prevention policies currently in place, EatForCharity only accepts WeChat Pay and AliPay as payment for orders at the moment. WeChat Pay is only usable when accessing the platform via WeChat, and AliPay is not available when accessing the site from within WeChat.To use AliPay, visit www.EatForCharity.cn in your web browser.

Which Shops & Restaurants are Currently Supporting Charities on EatForCharity?

Listed in Alphabetical Order

Want to Add Your Restaurant to EatForCharty?Scan this code to learn more.

List of Beneficiary Charities When you order via EatForCharity, a percentage of your order total goes to your choice of any of the following charities. To learn more about these great charities, click the “Charities” link when you’re on EatForCharity.

  • Shenzhen Charity Federation · Captivating Fund
  • Karuna Rescue
  • Liang Jin Fund
  • Shenzhen Caring Action Charity Foundation
  • Single Mom Battling Cancer
  • Wuhan Charity Federation

Want to Add Your Charity?Scan this code to sign up now.


EatForCharity was designed to and is dedicated to supporting charities in their causes while helping consumers get great meals delivered. The concept is simple… people need to eat. Now, every time someone places an order via EatForCharity to have food delivered to them, a percentage of what they spend will be donated to the charity of their choice without costing the customer any more money. Eat Good, Do Good!

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