Cyclus – A Shuiwei Hidden Gem

Joe Macpherson   |   April 27, 2020

Cyclus is located in the popular urban village of Shuiwei, an area known for its F&B. The creative space of 1368 has narrow alleyways, filled with restaurants, bars and coffee shops, and Cyclus holds its own among them all.  In a tough area of high-quality restaurants, it can be difficult to know where to go for dinner. But Cyclus should be considered among any others.

Tucked away in 1368 creative community / Courtesy Cyclus

Not the easiest place to find, these alleys are easy to get lost in, but when you find it, you will enjoy a great dining experience. It’s a smaller venue with limited seating inside, but with outdoor seating too this can sit 30 or so people.  With splashes or art and colour around you this is a cool place to sit, relax, and enjoy a good meal.

Inside and outside seating / Courtesy Cyclus

The menu is small but quite diverse with salads, pastas, seafood, ribs and other meat dishes and ever-changing daily specials.  High quality ingredients such as salmon and USA beef are used here in many of the dishes, giving it that touch of luxury. The prices here are fantastic due to the large portion size and even a salad can leave you full.  

Striploin steak risotto. 66 RMB / Courtesy Cyclus
Variety of dishes on the menu / Courtesy Cyclus

There are some more not so commonly found items on the menu here which can make your dining experience even more interesting. 

Mexican Salad. 45 RMB / Courtesy Cyclus

Dishes such as Mexican salad, pate, smoked BBQ ribs, as well as the more common dishes you’ll expect such as soups, salads and pastas. 

Pâté, an unusual dish on a Shenzhen menu 38 RMB / Courtesy Cyclus
Capellini with prawn. 62 RMB / Courtesy Cyclus
Chorizo and spinach risotto with cherry tomato. 65RMB
Lots of great meat dishes on the menu / Courtesy Cyclus

However just because some of the dishes are not so common doesn’t make them ordinary, not at all.  Every dish is great in its own right, and there is truly something for everyone on this menu.  There are also daily specials on the ‘blackboard’ each day, so be sure to check or ask before ordering to see what’s available.

Corn soup 28 RMB / Courtesy Cyclus
Clam linguine with chorizo and white wine. 62 RMB / Courtesy Cyclus
Delicious ribs. 78 RMB / Courtesy Cyclus
Sous vide Austrailian M3 Striploin Steak 300g. 138RMB  / Courtesy Cyclus


No.149 Culture Block 1368 of Shuiwei, Fuitian, Shenzhen 深圳福田水围1368国际街区南二街149号

Phone Number: 17603056923

Metro: Fumin Metro Station, Metro exit D.

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