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The Shenzhen Districts


Bao’an is a district in Shenzhen, Guangdong. It is a district that holds historical significance for Shenzhen. In fact, one can say that it is the start of Shenzhen’s history.

In 1979, the status of Bao’an was lifted to Shenzhen city. This historical starting point for Shenzhen lends itself largely to the overall feel of the district. It has both a traditional feel and a progressive, intertwining and creating a hybrid and unique one.


Futian is a district located at the heart of Shenzhen, China. As one can imagine, the fact that it is in the center means that it connects many areas to one another. It connects the districts of Luohu, Nanshan, and Longhua to the east, west, and north respectively.

Futian has benefited from an extremely rapid growth rate since it was first established in 1980.


Longgang District is the largest district in Shenzhen City and borders with Nanshan District on the south, Longdong Subdistrict of Bao’an District on the north, Yantian Subdistrict of Shekou Subdistrict on the west, and Dapeng New District on the east.

In June 1992, Longgang Planning Area was officially named Longgang District by the local government of Shenzhen City. Since then it has enjoyed successively all kinds of preferential policies according to the plans adopted by the State Council on strengthening coastal open regions, industrial restructuring and Reform and Opening-up Policies, which have laid a solid foundation for its industrial development.


Longhua is the third biggest district in Shenzhen, known for its industrial enterprises, high-tech companies, and beautiful architecture. While Futian is the business center of Shenzhen, Longhua actually acts as the central geographical district.

This ideal positioning makes it a hub and passageway to the many different districts in Shenzhen.

Before Longhua was developed into what it is today, it began as one of the first Hakka settlements outside Fujian province. It then became a market town that opened up during the Qing dynasty.


Luohu is a small area that has played an important part in the history of modern Shenzhen city. It was one of the first areas to be developed when the Chinese government began establishing new economic zones outside of Beijing.

Luohu’s development was made possible by the Luoxing Group.

This group initially wanted to make Luohu bridge the gap between the Luohu district and Lo Wu district on either side of it.


Nanshan is a district of the city of Shenzhen, China. It is in southern mainland China and one of the most populous districts in Shenzhen. This also makes it among the most populous cities in China.

There are many things that people should know about Nanshan. For instance, it has a very long history that includes settlements dating back over 4,000 years ago and it remains significant even today.

Its name is the same as its location, which is on Nanshan or South Mountain. This mountain played a significant role in creating the district of Shenzhen. Different groups inhabited this area over time but it was largely unknown to people beyond this point until recently.


The Shekou area is a part of the city known as Shenzhen in China. Shekou is known for its history, culture, and environment.

In 1979, Shekou was established as an economic development zone by Deng Xiaoping. Being part of Shenzhen, it is part of a government-backed initiative called “the Greater Bay Area”. It is comprised of nine cities – including Shenzhen – and two other regions in Hong Kong and Macau. This united area serves as a hub for economics and business.

Shekou has since been a popular destination for expats who want to move to China. Currently, more than 6,000 expats live in Shekou. It serves as a base for foreign workers to stay in. Most of these foreigners work in the oil industry.


The Yantian District of Shenzhen is a growing area that offers plenty for expats and tourists alike.

It’s located on the eastern coast of China in Guangdong Province, and some people refer to it as “South Bay”. The population of this district has been growing very quickly over the past few years. It occupies the southeastern part of the bay area facing Hong Kong across the Sham Chun River.

Originally, the Yantian district was an agricultural area that grew fruit and vegetables. It became a fishing village in the Ming Dynasty, giving it its name.

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