Halloween gear in Shenzhen
Halloween accessories hanging in Shenzhen

It’s that time of the year again and everyone is rushing around to find the perfect costume to go trick-or-treating with the kids or to wear to some of the biggest parties we have featured this year. Finding the right costume can be hard work in Shenzhen. So we’ve made your task a little easier with a guide to the top places to buy Halloween costumes and accessories.

Sungang Market

Sungang Market with Halloween decorations
Sungang Market with Halloween decorations

Sungang Market has long been the go-to place for arts and crafts in Shenzhen, but it also happens to stock a large range of goodies for most holiday seasons including Halloween. Spread out over three large floors, it can be easy to be intimidated by the sheer volume of choice. That being said, you can usually find what you are looking for near the entrance, as most stalls sell roughly the same stock.

While they may be light on costumes, Sungang Market still has many props and accessories to make a DIY costume that is unique. With abundant decorations too, you can easily pick up enough in one visit to decorate a home for a party or to welcome trick or treaters. 

Decorate with Jack-o'-lanterns

If you are in need of some last-minute items such as capes or fake blood, then Sungang Market is the place to go. It also caters for kids too, with lots of toys and trinkets that are sure to keep them entertained and busy.

To reach Sungang Market, ride Line 7 to Sungang subway station and leave via Exit A or E.

Open Hours: 8.45am-7.30pm

Place Phone: 0755 – 8226 8844

Place Name & Address: Sungang Market, No.3, Bao’an Bei Rd, Luohu District, Shenzhen 深圳市罗湖区宝安北路3号笋岗文具玩具批发市场

Filled to the brim with Halloween costumes

Costume Street

Halloween hats to fake blood
Don’t forget the fake teeth and fake blood

They have streets for almost anything in Shenzhen. Food streets, pedestrian streets, shopping streets; if there is something you need, there is a street named after it. When it comes to Halloween, thankfully we have Costume Street.

This small strip of a dozen or so shops are packed to the brim with an array of different costumes, suits, dresses; pretty much anything you can think you might need for Halloween.

Hangup these Halloween decorations
Halloween costumes produced in China

The shops are a bit messy, so it can be a bit of a task to find what you are looking for. In fact, it can be just as hard to find a staff member to help you look. Don’t be discouraged though. With some perseverance you will likely find enough random bits and bobs to piece together an outfit. There are also a ton of accessories on sale too, such as fake blood, cauldrons, and capes.

So if you are looking for something to wear this Halloween, head down to Costume Street near Hongling Station. But be quick! Otherwise, they might sell out.

To reach Costume Street ride Line 3 or 9 to Hongling subway station and leave via exit C1.

Open Hours: 10:00 am until 08:00 pm

Place Address: Hongli Lu, by Hongling Zhonglu (Northeast side), Luohu District 罗湖区红荔路和红岭中路交叉口东北边

Dongmen Old Street

Dongmen is another Shenzhen shopping area that usually has popup shops for Halloween costumes and is also worth a look.

Taobao Online Shopping for Halloween costumes

If you prefer to avoid the crowds in Shenzhen or have that special costume idea that you think can only be found online you can also try shopping on Taobao.

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