What Are Dental Veneers? Before & After Look

vipdentalclinics   |   July 21, 2020
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With the development of dentistry, there are more and more options for procedures to make the smile attractive. One of them, the dental veneers, has become increasingly popular, especially among the famous. The technique is capable of providing major improvements in the shape and color of teeth in a short time. Next, learn more about the procedure:

What is Dental Veneers?

Veneers are an important tool for the cosmetic dentistry, the dentist is able to use one Veneer to restore a single tooth that has been fractured, discolored,or multiple teeth to create a “Hollywood” type of makeover.

What is it made of?

Veneers are ultrathin shells of Ceramic (Porcelain) or Composite Resin material which is bonded to the front teeth.

One of the  best options for improving both the quality and appearance of your smile is to consider dental use E.max veneers, they are translucent in appearance a quality which gives them the ability to provide a more natural appearance to your teeth.

How is it done?

At VIP DENTAL you get to select your smile design from our twelve major smile design albums.depending on your facial features, shape of your face and the esthetics of your facial lower third the most esthetic smile design will be recommended by our doctors, our chosen smile design will be transferred to the smile prototype that will eventually get transferred to the wax-up and the temporaries.

Which smile is your desired Style?

Teeth preparation

After a patient and dentist reach a consensus on the color, shape and position of the lenses, it is necessary to prepare the original teeth to receive them.


The last phase consists of placing the veneers, already ready, using a kind of liquid adhesive. In this step, it is essential that fitting details and size are millimetrically adequate by the professional.

How many sessions are needed?

At least three sessions with the dentist are required to complete the placement of the veneers, as there are several stages in the process, such as planning, preparation, mock up and application of the molds.