First Western Dentist In Shenzhen

Kelly Chan   |   September 1, 2021

Shenzhen attracts its first Western dentist. Dr Zac Morse who was teaching dentistry at the University of Hong Kong discovered Shenzhen and saw a great need for a foreign dentist to be able provide access to an international standard of dental care right here in Shenzhen.

Dr Morse is originally from Australia and recently joined the newly established Dental Bauhinia clinic near Coco Park in Futian which is the first dental clinic operated by a Hong Kong dentist on mainland China under the Closer Economic Partnership Arrangement between mainland China and Hong Kong. Dr Morse applies his advanced specialized training in “painless and special care dentistry” to provide comprehensive oral care and to meet the complex individual needs of people who may otherwise be unable to accept dental care due to a variety of reasons. One of these reasons is dental anxiety, which continues to be a significant barrier for some people in receiving dental treatment in Shenzhen. Results from dental studies indicate that dental anxiety is high in China and similar to that of other industrialised countries in Europe, North America and Australia.

After owning his own practice in Australia, he wanted to provide his patients with a better dental experience and in turn be happier in his own chosen profession. To this end he undertook further postgraduate studies in the field of dental pain and anxiety control at the University of Sydney but wanting to learn more and investigate many unsolved health issues he left Australia and headed to the shores of Japan. There Dr Morse joined the Nippon Dental University, the world’s largest dental university and Japan’s oldest dental school. There he also went on to create another historical milestone being the first dentist from an English speaking country to be awarded a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) Degree and became the first non-Japanese to be appointed as an Associate Professor. He has also worked in many other interesting locations. His first job being on Christmas Island in the Indian Ocean and prior to teaching dentistry at the University of Hong Kong was Associate Professor and Associate Director of the Fiji School of Medicine in the South Pacific.

Dr Zac states that he was very happy to join Dental Bauhinia as it adheres to the highest international standards and is able to provide the full spectrum of general and advanced dental services including for example lingual orthodontics. Lingual orthodontics is relatively new to China where teeth can be straightened with invisible braces which are placed behind the teeth.

Over the last two decades Dr Morse has authored or co-authored over 100 scientific publications in English and Japanese and has been personally invited to give presentations at professional meetings in a variety of countries. His significant contributions to dentistry and ethical standing were formally recognized by his peers by being awarded Honorary Fellowship in both the Pierre Fauchard Academy and International College of Dentists.

Staying true to his pioneering spirit he is pleased to be in Shenzhen and to be able to be part of China’s developing success.