Unbeatable Teeth Whitening Promotion at VIP Dental

vipdentalclinics   |   September 14, 2020

Due to the huge success of our last whitening promotion at VIP DENTAL CLINIC, we have launched a whole new promotion package for customers to enjoy!

The whitening promotion package includes:

  • Professional Cleaning, Laser Whitening, and Customized Home Whitening Kit

This package has been carefully crafted to provide the best whitening service for our customers and normally costs RMB 3,950, however today only we are offering it at an unbeatable price of RMB 2,000 for the whole package.

  • Cleaning Before Whitening Treatment

Before performing a complete whitening, it is very important that your teeth are clean, so make sure to brush your teeth well and floss. If you have not had a dental cleaning in the last six months, it is highly recommended that you do so before whitening.

  • Laser Whitening

Customers have the choice of laser whitening treatment performed by a specialist at the dental clinic.

During such a procedure, the dentist ensures that the customer’s gums are specially protected, as a whitening gel with a high potency will be used.

In many cases, the effect of the whitening treatment can be seen almost immediately, but the actual time can vary from patient to patient.

  • Home Whitening

While home whitening is an option for patients, many get carried away by DIY methods found online and try to perform the treatment without any professional assistance. It is critically important to be extremely careful when performing any kind of procedure on your teeth, especially when whitening.

There are a variety of whitening products that have been approved by dental specialists that can be used at home. It is highly recommended to use a customized plate created by your dentist using a whitening gel that has been chosen specially for you.

The plate is a tailored silicone device that has been made to fit perfectly in the patient’s dental arch. The whitening gel is applied to the plate, which is placed into the patient’s mouth for a period of 30 to 60 minutes.

  • Combining Both Whitening Methods

For those who want the greatest whitening results, the best option is a combination of both treatments.

In order to keep teeth white for as long as possible after receiving treatment, patients should practice good dental care and avoid drinks and food that use coloring dyes.


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