【ICBC-AXA】International Health Insurance Seminar in HarMoniCare

NowShenzhen   |   April 26, 2018

On April 22nd, Shenzhen HarMoniCare Women &Children’s Hospital, the first international hospital with JCI in Shenzhen, cooperates with more than 50 insurance companies, together with ICBC-AXA LIFE and HiredChina.com held the International Insurance Seminar for expats in China.  Michael from ICBC-AXA LIFE shared the direct billing services and international insurance options for expats in Shenzhen.Dr. Mark from HarMoniCare stated the common pediatric diseases in Summer and ways to prevent.

4月22日下午,深圳和美妇儿科医院,作为深圳首家国际JCI认证医院,与超过50余家国际保险公司合作,联手工银安盛人寿和在华外国人才网,共同为在深外籍人士举办了一场国际保险沙龙。来自工银安盛的Michael先生综合讲述了高端医疗保险的益处、全球直付使用方法及在华外籍人士可选的福利方案,和美国际部外籍医生Dr. Mark为现场的家庭分享了夏季儿科常见疾病及预防相关知识。

Many thanks to Indian Spice for the free snacks, Samy from India and Zoe from AIA were lucky enough to win the check-up vouchers for women and children valued at 1786RMB and 1380RMB respectively.

最后大家一起品尝了Indian Spice的美食,来自于印度的Samy和AIA的Zoe足够幸运分别获得了由和美医院提供的价值1786元女性体检套餐和1380元儿童体检套餐一份。

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Present Guests 现场嘉宾

Opening Speech from HarMoniCare

Michael from ICBC-AXA LIFE

Dr. Mark from HarMoniCare

Q&A  答疑交流

International Insurance Partners

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