Haggle For A Bargain On The China / Hong Kong BorderHaggle For A Bargain On The China / Hong Kong Border

Harry Fozzard   |   August 28, 2021

Luohu Commercial City is a five stories tall mall. It is infamous for having a lot of cheap Chinese replicas of otherwise expensive branded items. The 5-storey mall sells clothes, shoes, watches, handbags, DVDs, etc. There are also a variety of restaurants, dentists and massage and beauty parlors.

Getting to / From Luohu Commercial City

Luohu Commercial City is located on the China side of the Hong-Kong / Shenzhen border. This is what makes it a favorite day-trip destination for people coming from Hong Kong. Luohu Commercial City mall can be found on the right-hand side when exiting customs.

The train to Luohu from Hung Hom Station in Hong Kong is just HK $33 each way and takes over 42 minutes.

The Louhu bus terminal can be found directly under Luohu Commercial City. You can grab a shuttle directly to Shenzhen International Airport or take buses to cities in Guangdong and provinces like Fujian, Jiangxi etc. The Luohu Metro Station can be found on the west side of the mall.

On the north-side of the commercial city there’s a bus terminal that lets you take buses and mini-buses around Shenzhen. Directly under the intra-city bus terminal is a taxi stand.

Shenzhen railway station is right next to the mall and visitors can take trains all the way across China. The most popular train route is the train to Guangzhou which takes less than one hour. 

The following is a guide to grabbing some cheap replicas in Luohu Commercial City:

Wallets, Purses and Handbags

The wallets you will see displayed are the very cheap ones, typically costing RMB 30–40. They also have branded wallets like Gucci, Bally, Ferragamo and they will show you magazines and then get the model you select.  The wallets come with box, warranty cards and protective pouch. The selling price is typically RMB 120 -140. Slightly larger handbags will go for around RMB 150.
The most you will pay for a high-end, branded leather handbag is between RMB 200–300. Like the wallets, these are not on display and you will have to choose them from a magazine. The majority of the handbags are sold for RMB 100–150.


AAA Quality (Best Quality Identification) replicas (waterproof, sapphire crystal, chronograph with Swiss movements) are able to be brought for just RMB 350 from a few shops. The shop keeper might keep them hidden and then bring them out to tempt fussy shoppers. They will use a piece of special equipment to prove the glass is quality sapphire crystal. They will then ask up to RMB 10,000. Use all your haggling skills and be armed with the knowledge these watches can go for as cheap as RMB 350.

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