Inheriting the captivating and theatrical lifestyle of the Grand Hyatt brand, we celebrate the 10th anniversary of Grand Hyatt Shenzhen. From November 1 until November 30, 2019, the hotel will be launching a range of special offers to highlight its renowned food and beverages and thoughtful service, which allows guests to better experience the surprises and excitement of #LivingGrand.

Handpicked10 famous chefs in Shenzhen, China Lodge had the honor to present a special ten-course menu which was created by the 10 selected chefs. As an apt tribute to Chinese culinary and cultural roots, the menu highlights the use of fresh ingredients and multiple cooking methods to accentuate the flavor of China. It includes premium sashimi, Jiangnan cuisine, Shunde cuisine, Huaiyang cuisine, Chaozhou cuisine and Sichuan cuisine to exhibit the chefs’ craftsmanship. Grand Hyatt Shenzhen is also collaborating with the international brand, Maserati to co-brand a specially designed Afternoon Tea that will only be available at The Lounge from November 7 to December 31, 2019. The Afternoon Tea was inspired by the brand’s character – classic, modern and handcrafted, and the blue and white Maserati colors, as well as being in line with its 105th anniversary celebration. 

The Show Kitchen is well known for its open kitchen that offers not only cuisines from all over the world, but also creates interactive experiences for guests to watch how these scrumptious dishes are crafted by our talented chefs. During the celebration period, there will be many shows and activities, like live carving of beef cuts and yellow-fin tuna, along with a freshly opened oyster market, slow-roasted Tomahawk and traditional Chinese Shunde-style steamed whole pig. Every experience is spectacular with surprises waiting to be explored.

If you enjoy pleasant sunshine and gentle breezes, the outdoor dining areas at La Terrazza or Sugar Box are both highly recommended. Seated at a wooden table, chatting with your close friends, sharing a freshly baked Italian pizza… what a relaxing and comfortable moment. Try the authentic flavors from Northern Italy, such as dried beef rolls or braised lamp tendon spaghetti prepared by an Italian guest chef. Or just simply try our autumn specialties in the piazza. 

As lights begin to twinkle across the whole city, the revelry begins. At The Penthouse, don’t miss the “Red and Black” themed Halloween Party. Not one of your customary flashy Halloween costume parties, the top of Grand Hyatt Shenzhen, instead encourages us to be gentlemen and elegant ladies who wear only red and black. What’s more, a special single malt whiskey tasting party, and a champagne and oyster tasting party will be available at the top of the hotel.  

Moreover, Belle-Vue Grill and 1881 will be bringing the classic Best of Belle-Vue semi buffet by our guest chef and hotel’s first female chef de cuisine, as well as wood fried Beijing duck will be sure to delight you as always.  

Over the past ten years, Grand Hyatt Shenzhen has been the city’s ultimate luxury lifestyle address, perfect for balancing business with leisure. The hotel will continue to retain its core values – care of our guests with sincere hospitality and without boundaries. Past, present, the legend continues…

Grand Hyatt Shenzhen

1881 Baoan Nan Road, Luohu District
Shenzhen, Guangdong, People’s Republic of China 518001
Tel: +86 755 8266 1234
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