Hilton Shenzhen Shekou Nanhai and Ming Fai Group partner with Soap Cycling to run another soap recycling activity in Shenzhen

NowShenzhen   |   September 21, 2018

On 20th Sep, the soap recycling activity organized by Hilton Shenzhen Shekou Nanhai, involves more than 30 volunteers from local community, hotel team members and local media.  65 kilos soap was recycled in 2 hours which will be enough for 1 year usage by 130 children from the unprivileged area. These soaps will be delivered to different poverty areas in China to improve the sanitation and hygiene.

Every year, millions of children worldwide do not make it to their 5th birthday because of preventable diseases such as diarrheal and pneumonia. In Mainland China, it is estimated that hundreds of children die every day from diseases such as pneumonia and diarrheal. Although China has progressed rapidly in the past few decades, much work remains to be done to ensure every child has a chance at a healthy and happy future.

To keep the environment sustainable and fully utilize the used soap in hotel guest rooms, Guangdong Area hotels organized SOAP activity to help underprivileged regions to improve the sanitation and hygiene standard. As part of the activities in Global Week of Service, Shenzhen Area has participating SOAP recycling since 2016. Hilton Shenzhen Shekou Nanhai will continue SOAP Cycling activity in a quarterly basis to involve more Shenzhen local community into this program.

We are reminded of the great challenges faced in China, and in underprivileged communities around the world, to keep children healthy through proper hygiene. This initiative not only provides a direct way to improve hygiene and health for many people living in our local community, it also encourages awareness and education about the importance of hand washing as an effective means of preventing diseases.

We believe that through partnerships like this, we can achieve significant social impact. We thank both companies for getting involved, and invite others to join us in the future.

About Soap Cycling

Established in 2012, Soap Cycling is a registered charity based in Hong Kong, and is the first non-profit soap recycling organization in Asia. Soap Cycling seeks to improve sanitation and hygiene in underprivileged regions, one child at a time. They do that by collecting and processing used hotel soaps. These life-saving items then get distributed to underprivileged children and antenatal clinics in disadvantaged communities in Asia, and also to support disaster relief. Soap Cycling is almost completely run by students from The University of Hong Kong, who are given management positions within the company. By participating in the program, hotels are diverting tons of waste from the landfills, and supporting vulnerable people in need. Please visit www.soapcycling.org for more information.







再皂福成立于2012年, 是在香港注册的慈善团体, 也是亚洲第一个非营利性肥皂回收组织。再皂福致力改善贫穷地区的生活环境和提高儿童的个人卫生意识。通过与本地不同酒店合作,再皂福回收及消毒二手肥皂,并送往亚洲其他贫穷国家,以降低当地居民患上疾病的风险。回收的肥皂,除了能帮助有需要的人士以外,也为环境出一份力,减少对堆填区的压力。再皂福主要是由香港大学的学生营运,详情请浏览再皂福官方网站www.soapcycling.org

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