InterContinental Shenzhen Concierge Day

NowShenzhen   |   September 14, 2018

Intercontinental Shenzhen celebrated its Concierge Day on 7th September. Hotel chief concierge offered to domestic mainstream media a special tour to explore Shenzhen intangible cultural heritage, and discover AI high-tech industry.

Intercontinental Concierge “Golden Key” is a master key that can unlock all the curiosity and wonder for guests. They are willing to share the accumulated local extracts and global wisdom, understand all the needs of the guests and sincerely communicate with them to ensure that each time the service can make guests feel pleasantly surprised and respected.

Although Shenzhen is a young international city,  it contains a rich cultural heritage. Under the guidance of the hotel chief concierge, we went to Shenzhen Yong Feng Yuan company to visit the state banquet porcelain series and different classic design collections. “Yong Feng Yuan company was founded during Qing dynasty. It has been listed as royal supplies, and now that our porcelain has become a cultural heritage project, we should protect and inherit this production technology to promote Chinese traditional culture”. said an old craftsman from YFY company. Hotel concierge and media team also enjoyed their time painting the porcelain. Learning about different forms of intangible cultural heritage provides a sense of identity and belonging in relation to our own culture.

Yong Feng Yuan state banquet collection has served for 6 private dining room Shenzhen InterContinental Chinese restaurant “El Chino”.

The background color of Shenzhen is innovation, as soon as you come to Shenzhen, perhaps the first impression you get is an entrepreneurial environment. Chief Concierge has lead the media team on a deep exploration of the UBTECH company, experiencing the amazing high-tech culture. “Dream with Robots”is the slogan of UBTECH. The Chief strategy officer Bruce Ren and marketing staff shared stories about how AI robots “play the World”. We watched dance performances by awesome robots and witnessed in different fields such as education, entertainment, family, business services. As we know, UBTECH will put more AI in remote areas to supporting children’s education in the future. The media team has interacted with robots and truly felt the power of how AI can create a more intelligent way of life. That’s why  Shenzhen is called “The City of Technological Innovations”.

InterContinental Shenzhen experience a fusion of cultures at this chic urban resort hotel set in the heart of Shenzhen’s Overseas Chinese Town. Blending Spanish-inspired elegance with modern design and time-honoured local traditions, the hotel offers a comprehensive range of recreation, dining and meeting facilities accommodating the needs of leisure, business and conference visitors. The property features 540 luxuriously furnished rooms and 25 serviced apartments featuring a variety of contemporary Spanish and classical Chinese design influences. The immaculately landscaped 10,000 square metre Caribbean Garden around a 2000 square metre swimming pool is an oasis of calm, perfect for relaxing on holiday or away from work.

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