Kaluga Queen Caviar Tasting in Shenzhen, redefining a lavish feast at tip of the tongue

NowShenzhen   |   June 20, 2019

 On June 10th, the spectacular “Kaluga Queen Caviar Tasting” was held in the artistic Shenzhen Futian Shangri-La Hotel.  Many leading caviar connoisseurs and mainstream media were attracted to the event to unveil the mysterious banquet and to have an experience of a lifetime!

Time of leisure in the peak of summer, fragrant ambiance in the air. It’s what the heart has sought and what it gets tonight. Blossoms lean on green leaves, soft music passes through. A light-hearted Joy and cozy nonchalance is palpable. Everything is ready for a rendezvous with caviar!

The encounter tonight sets off a new journey. Right now everything is in bloom, nothing is out of place. Since the moment you put down your name, graceful splendor accompanies each step. You know the feeling of ceremonial romance is just what you need in your hectic life. In face of the divine magnificence, together we shall share the joy and wonder of the now.

The abundant caviar appetizers in the cocktail session satisfies the gourmand in each person. Caviar with Bilinis form a perfect match to deliver a sublime flavor. The subtle chemical resonance between caviar and champagne attacks the taste buds, bringing French romance all around in a flash.

We’d like to share our guests’ take after trying out all the four caviar snacks we prepared: no matter what is coupled with caviar, its splendid taste is always reinforced, the wonderful reaction between them is surprising and yet so harmonious that it felt like the nature itself. The inclusiveness and tolerance of caviar testifies to its perennial charisma once again.

Heart-felt moments, poetic warmth, a kind of grace with temperature and texture. It all becomes a precious memory shared by all of us. In this comfortable, elegant and stylish space, the guests chat and experience together the beauty, the love and the glorious moments of custom made exclusivity.

The banquet unveils. Just like the hostess said, we’ve waited for so long, and finally here comes the rendezvous with caviar. Next, Kaluga Queen will bring a full-on show of sensory experiences on design, innovation, and gourmet culture, revealing infinite possibilities through fine gastronomy art and craftsmanship.

By heart, the craftsmanship is felt; in the mouth, the heavenly flavor is enjoyed. Kaluga Queen’s deputy general manager Xia Yongtao described Kaluga Queen’s journey of 20 years, a journey filled with touching stories, and captivating adventures into the unknown. The vivid illustration brought out the essence of premium caviar coming from the thousand island lake, and clarified among the guests the knowledge and definition of caviar and the Kaluga Queen brand.

The banquet’s menu is designed by chief executive chef of Shenzhen Shangri-La Hotel, Dong Yuzhen. He is a famous chef of the state banquet level, having shining titles like chairman of Shenzhen Cuisine Association, chairman of Shenzhen Five Star Chef Club, Master of Chinese Cuisine, China’s Golden Chef, etc. He is a representative character in Huaiyang cuisine and renowned as “the No. 1 Chef in Huaiyang Cuisine” for his famous dish of “hydraugin stew in ginseng velvet antler soup stock”.

Chef Dong Yuzhen devised various smart ways to use Kaluga Queen’s classic selections of Baerii, Schrenckii, Hybrid, Oscietra, and Beluga caviar in Chinese cuisine. With the many courses presented at the banquets, it becomes clear to all that caviar is a very inclusive and tolerant ingredient and can be transformed in so many ways in the master’s hands. The originality and craftsmanship behind the premium quality dishes amazed every guest.

New Zealand Crayfish,Kaluga Queen Baerii Caviar, home-made shrimp cake and passion fruit juice

The New Zealand crayfish is tender and smooth, the Baerii caviar is soft and mellow and melts in the mouth with a pleasant light after taste. The combination of the two is a bench mark of fine food. The fresh shrimp and caviar mixes with each other in the mouth, first it feels refreshing, then aromatic, the taste intensifies gradually until the taste buds are completely captivated. With blessings from home-made shrimp cake and passion fruit juice, the experience amplifies onto so many levels and dimensions that it feels like the taste buds are swimming in the deep sea filled with endless wonders and adventures!

Kaluga Queen Schrenckii Caviar, champagne chicken jelly, coupled with scallion chicken wing

 Champagne chicken jelly is firm and tender, Schrenckii caviar is aromatic with a slight scent of fresh fruit. Their combined effect on the taste buds appear to be surprisingly refreshing, starting from the mouth, then entering the throat, and finally reaching the bottom of the heart. The pleasant lucid feeling lingers in the air. The fresh taste is contrasted with the savory scallion chicken wing, leaving an unforgettable magical imprint on the taste buds!

 Stew of conch and sturgeon bone marrow

The conch meat is soft and tender with a fresh fragrance, the sturgeon bone marrow is spongy and tasty. It might be worthy to note that according to Chinese medicine, sturgeon bone marrow replenishes blood and Qi, restores the Yin and contributes to good looks. The well-structured combination of two different textures forms a perfect balance that pleases a connoisseur’s heart!

Kaluga Queen Hybrid Caviar, truffle pork with green bamboo shoot pork roll

This course is made by Chef Dong live on the banquet. Hybrid caviar is one of the most popular classics under the Kaluga Queen brand. A variety co-developed by Xunlong Sci-tech and Chinese Academy of Fishery Sciences, hybrid caviar has a mellow and full-bodied creamy taste. The way its grains burst feels just right. Its long lingering after taste testifies to its supreme quality. Maybe this is why it has become the top choice for many Michelin 3 star restaurants and found its way onto the dinner table of President Obama at the G20 state banquet, as well as the first class cabins of Lufthansa flights!

Roasted suckling pig is savory and crispy, truffle is fresh, and caviar has an aromatic full-bodied creamy taste. The combination of the three classic ingredients is a great innovation. The tender texture of the roasted pork is brought out more prominently by the fresh taste of caviar. Caviar seamlessly cradled by green bamboo shoot white meat rolls presents an even fuller and more well-rounded flavor, bringing a unique enriched tasting experience of so many layers. Taste buds’ adrenaline soars with complete satisfaction!  

Caramelized pan fried goose liver with Kaluga Queen Russia Sturgeon caviar

The goose liver is tender and smooth, the steak is savory and moist, the Russian Caviar has a light fresh nutty taste. The three ingredients collide and resonate with one another, awakening the senses all at once. One bite down, a gentle warmth rises. Its clever makeup, lively balance, and multiple layers bring the utmost sensory satisfaction!

Kaluga Queen Beluga Caviar

Last but not the least, we present caviar of the highest glory – Beluga. Beluga is originated from the Caspian Sea area in Iran. Beluga in the wild can live to 100 years old and needs 60 years to mature. The aqua cultured Beluga needs over 20 years to mature. Beluga caviar has a classic grey sheen, a strong creamy taste that’s also so refreshing that some say it reaches deep into one’s soul. Aside from experiencing the superb delicacy brought about by fine craftsmanship and time, more possibilities of elegant lifestyle is made manifest with the banquet on the tip of the tongue!

Mr. Xia Yongtao explained to the guests the innovative coupling of caviar with Maotai. The sweet and mild flavor of Maotai compliments the unique creamy taste of Beluga caviar. The after taste of alcohol sets off in motion all the aroma hidden in Beluga caviar. Close your eyes and it feels like being present in the face of true Chinese romance.

Chef Dong announced the winner of the lottery draw, the luckiest guest of the night that shall take home a Beluga caviar gift set. The natural aroma in the Beluga caviar is a precious gift of time. Its long melodious after taste sublimes lightly in the mouth and ultimately imprints on the taste buds even more deeply. Beyond time and space, Beluga caviar gift set is an ideal choice out of infinite alternatives custom made to create your own exclusive life style.

We also prepared a golden caviar gift set for Chef Dong. Golden caviar is the most expensive caviar in the world. It’s not easy to get hold of golden caviar, not only because it’s very expensive, but most importantly because of its rare production. In only 1 out of tens of thousands fishes can golden caviar be found. Luck plays a big role here. For us, it is not only a symbol of extreme gastronomy, but also an expression of lifestyle and sophistication!

Toasting each other with good wishes, multiple titles and identities unloaded, it has been nice to share with Kaluga Queen your life’s story, and enjoy the glory of its success. We hope tonight’s sweetness will keep you company in each day of your future, of which today is just the beginning…

Each guest gets a gift bag which contains a mother-of-pearl platter gift set and a sharing gift set. The mother-of-pearl gift set shows Kaluga Queen’s ingenuity through caviar’s origin and detail of design. The sharing gift set contains four varieties – Baerii, Schrenckii, Hybrid, Oscietra – making it possible to try out four varieties at once, and experience the gradually more and more harmonious and tolerant nature of caviar, and its vitality.

A unique trip of time with fish grains, witnessing the legend of a brand, this tasting event illustrates the caviar story vividly to each guest, and shares together a full-blown banquet at tip of the tongue, as well as a brand new life experience that nothing else compares!