A Sophisticated Dinner Buffet at Silk

Liv   |   November 10, 2020

It’s no secret that the hospitality industry has been massively impacted by this year’s COVID-19 outbreak. Whilst things in China are looking much brighter than elsewhere, restaurants and businesses are having to adapt or, well, there’s not really an alternative. Silk is one such Shenzhen restaurant that has evolved with the changing economy in manner that is attractive to customers both old and new by updating their weekday dinner buffet.

Located on the 2nd floor of The Langham, Shenzhen in the heart of Chegongmiao, Silk restaurant offers a quiet retreat from the hustle and bustle of the city. Here, the dinner buffet features a wide variety of Chinese dishes interspersed with some familiar Western fare and pan-Asian favourites. These mouth-watering offerings are served Sunday – Thursday from 17.30- 22.30 for the cost of 510RMB, or for 368RMB via ‘The Langham, Shenzhen’ official WeChat account. Add 88RMB to enjoy free flow Chardonnay and Shiraz, soft drinks are already included and fresh coconuts are brought to your table as you dine.

Silk restaurant offers a retreat from busy city life with a revamped dinner buffet. Mainly Chinese food is served, but there are some Pan-Asian and Western classics too.
Large windows and comforting colours create a relaxing but classy environment / image courtesy of Olivia Seaton-Hill

The Revamped Dinner Buffet is Proving to be a Hit

The standout dish at this buffet is definitely the hot and sour seafood soup. Everyone I spoke to insisted I try it and I was not disappointed. After selecting my choice of seafood, my soup was prepared right in front of me and served in a sizzling pot. The broth wasn’t especially spicy, but it did have a lovely, warming quality to it while the sourness added a unique depth to the overall flavour. Western Executive Sous Chef Bernhard, who hails from Austria, explained to me that whilst Shenzhen doesn’t have the coldest of winters, there is a change in the season and temperature. That’s one of the reasons why he also decided to add two daily soups – one Chinese style, one Western style – to their revamped menu.

The hot and sour seafood soup is a favorite dish for diners. A customizable addition to Silk's dinner buffet.
The popular hot and sour seafood soup / image courtesy of Olivia Seaton-Hill

Another reason for the change of menu at this dinner buffet is the lack of foreign visitors and therefore lack of demand for Western dishes. This change has been implemented in a thoughtful way, considering the wants and needs of visitors to Shenzhen. What was previously an offering of around ten Western dishes has now been reduced to only five. The remaining five dishes showcase cuisine from all over China. The chongqing style grilled fish; braised mutton with bean curd and chestnuts; and baked pork with chilli sauce were especially delicious.

Western Executive Sous Chef, Bernhard Cekon /Picture courtesy of Star Food

Local Cuisine is Represented at this Dinner Buffet

Explaining their recent changes further, the culinary team pointed out that when people visit Guangdong, they expect to eat Cantonese food. Silk now offers a selection of such dishes for guests to sample as they please, as well as traditional Cantonese-style barbecue meats to order from notable Chinese restaurant, T’ang Court. I could not get enough of the mushrooms stuffed with pork, garlic and ginger – the combination of flavours is still making my mouth water even now – but they also had the likes of garlic shrimp with vermicelli and fried fishcakes.

You can choose from a selection of meat and enjoy Cantonese-style barbecue. This is prepared to order.
Barbecued meat, Cantonese style / image courtesy of Olivia Seaton-Hill

As with any dinner buffet there’s your usual salad bar, cold cuts section and a small cheese offering of Gouda and cheddar, accompanied by fresh bread baked in house. The meat is definitely quality, but what really impressed me here was the presentation of this station. The array of meats looked more like a colourful flower display than a cold starter. The seafood station with Australian lobster, mussels from New Zealand and clams alongside several fresh sauces also had a similar aesthetic quality.

Cold cut section features six different meats. The presentation really caught my eye here.
A fine selection of cold cuts / image courtesy of Olivia Seaton-Hill
The seafood station has many options to choose from. Enjoy items from all over the world.
Seafood station / image courtesy of Olivia Seaton-Hill

Dinner and a Show

I have to give a special mention to Silk’s lan zhou la mian (兰州拉面), or hand-pulled noodles, and their cheese wheel pasta. Both of these stations offer some spectacle with dinner. As a foreigner, I will never tire of watching noodles being pulled by hand then served up to me in a hot soup flavoured to my taste only a few moments later. Cheese wheel pasta does exactly what it says on the tin. I had hoped that there was perhaps a more poetic sounding Italian name for pasta cooked inside a giant wheel of parmesan, but there doesn’t seem to be. Both of these dishes are so simple, yet hearty and delicious with each type of noodle served perfectly al dente, you simply shouldn’t miss these.

Cheese wheel pasta is made right in front of you adding a splash of Italian to your dining experience.
Simple but classic – pasta, cream and parmesan / image courtesy of Olivia Seaton-Hill

If all that isn’t enough to fill you up Silk’s dinner buffet also offers fresh sashimi featuring over nine different selections from the sea. Snapper, cuttlefish, octopus, sea bream and and so on. The salmon literally melted in my mouth. You can also order unlimited foie gras to your table. Personally, I find this dish to be incredibly rich, but it wold have been rude not to try it. Finally, in a bid to add a more personal touch to a dinner buffet experience, seasonal and daily specials are brought to your table as you dine. When I visited I was served ‘hairy crab’ and scallops – more delicious seafood!

The dinner buffet has a selection of sushi and sashimi. Create your own sauces from an array of ingredients.
Sushi and sashimi prepared to order /image courtesy of Olivia Seaton-Hill
Eat as much foie gras as you wish. It's prepared to order and brought to your table. A somewhat classy addition to a dinner buffet.
Unlimited foie gras delivered to your table as you wish / image courtesy of Olivia Seaton-Hill

No Buffet is Complete without Dessert

If you’ve left room for dessert, you will not be disappointed. A wonderland of pastel coloured meringues, pastries and candy await those of you with a sweet tooth. This station was also a big hit with the youngest diners in the restaurant. The Guangdong speciality baobing (刨冰) really stole the show here. Typically this dish consists of shaved ice topped with fruit, nuts, syrup and sauce, but the chef let me in on a secret – ask for ice cream instead of shaved ice and voila, you have your very own ice cream sundae! A western take on an Asian classic.

Book Your Weekday Dinner Buffet Now

With its mix of cuisines and light, airy ambience, Silk is the perfect location to impress out-of-towners or for a business dinner. However, this restaurant is also a wonderful pick-me-up for those of us who are feeling a bit bogged down by the rat race of Shenzhen. When you’re chained to your desk all day, you don’t want to have to think about what to have for dinner when you get home, let alone cook it. At Silk’s dinner buffet you don’t have to do either. Your next vacation may be a long way off, but there’s no reason why your taste buds can’t go on a little adventure of China, with a splash of home comfort along the way.

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