In order to better meet personalized consumer demands, Deli keeps the fresh and tasty quality of food, ensuring to attract stacked to five-star food and services to customers. Deli, a new outlet which is focus on health drinks, bakery, snacks and concept of lifestyle, now is opened the Meituan online booking channel, serving you all kinds of high lovely and quality of desserts for foodies, who enjoys healthy light food and seeks for the simple life. Without leaving home, tasting star hotel delicious!

Daily fresh for baking croissants, Danish pastries, chocolate cake and sweet cheesecake all satisfy your taste bud. At this moment, when you open the Meituan APP and input [Deli] in the search bar, you can find and select delicious. Delivering from RMB20 and enjoying the discount once order confirmed.

Besides, Deli will offer a series of exclusive benefits, such as buying one getting one free after 6 PM. Each month of 28th is member day, which can enjoy the discount of 20%. In addition to online selling services, we also provide delivery Service for breakfast and simple meal. As the same time, it’s convenient to save the time for office workers.

Deli has present a lot of attractive and delicious, such as the chocolate hat, apple pouch, lady puff, chocolate bread, healthy snack and nutrition cup. It’s continuous to product surprised and returns high praise. Exquisite food and shop decoration, under the sunshine of Deli outdoor green area, that’s the best place to make more relaxed and happier.

  • Business hours: 8:00 – 22:00
  • Location: 1/F, Marco Polo Shenzhen, No.28,Fuhua 1st,Futian District, Shenzhen (south gate)
  • Reservation Tel: 0755- 3339 7715
Place Name: Marco Polo Shenzhen深圳马哥孛罗好日子酒店
Place Address: 28 Fuhua 1st Road, Futian CBD, Shenzhen, China 518048 深圳市福田中心区 福华一路28号
Place Phone: (0755) 8298-9888