With the delightful moonlight, “The beauty of Moonlight” Moon Cake Launch Party was held at Hilton Shenzhen Futian. Hilton Shenzhen Futian crossover with LI SHAN invites guests to taste our six flavors of moon cake and six flavors cold brew tea. Moon cake pair up with cold brew tea is a newly style of the trend this day. Moon cake might taste greasy at the end; but a cup of refreshing cold brew tea will solve it. The highlight of the two brands crossover is the perfect annotation of “home”. In this festival season we invite you here celebrate with us and stay cozy just like “home”.

The simple and exquisite design of the moon cake box shows elegance and brightness. With its blue and pick as the background of the box, a laurel tree with fruitful fruits looks like to guide the rabbit to come back its home way across the barrier. Grass tulips look like the fairies and singing in the ears joyfully.

Hilton is launching the new box to bring the heartfelt mid-autumn wishing to you and your families and friends. Enjoy a memorable mid-autumn festival with Hilton signature moon cake, the flavors maintain traditional yolk lotus seed paste and nuts, also add in modern ingredients such as creamy cranberry, Cantonese oolong tea which is a perfect interpretation of Hilton innovative concepts based on rigorous food making process. Passing Hilton mid-autumn wishes to relatives, friends and loved ones, order now enjoy up to 40% OFF via Hotel Official WECHAT Shop, just scan QR code below:


夜色微醺,流光溢彩,深圳大中华希尔顿酒店携手梨山举办“月光美人”中秋月饼品鉴会于深圳大中华希尔顿酒店23楼Mr.Wong酒吧举行,当晚邀请现场嘉宾共同品鉴6款经典月饼,以及6款梨山冷泡茶, 月饼搭配冷泡茶全新搭配理念。本次两个品牌的完美结合,突出了“家 ” 的 概 念,中秋佳节,月圆饼圆,人满家满。我们期待与您一起探索味蕾在在人月两团圆之际,品尝视觉味觉双体验的浓情月饼,带给您无限温情感受。




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