From the 4th October to the 30th November, Xiangyue restaurant at Hyatt Regency Shenzhen Airport is offering a promotion on Taishan oysters. The oysters, grown locally in Guangdong, are famed for their fullness and juiciness. We took a look at where the Taishan oysters are cultivated, what makes them unique, and share the chef’s recommendations.

Blessed with a Shoreline

China boasts a coastline that stretches over 18,000 kilometers. For those people who live by the shore, one of the greatest pleasures is being able to enjoy the many culinary delights of the sea.

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Famed for its mountain, coastlines, and culture, Taishan is one of the most treasured pearls of Guangdong. The city is also known as the “first home of Overseas Chinese”, as more than 75% of Chinese who emigrated to the USA in the mid to late 20th century were said to have originated from there. But more than anything, Taishan is renowned for their oysters.


When determining the freshness and taste of oysters, salinity and temperature are critically important. It is the microorganisms and minerals in the seawater that dictate if an oyster is delicious or not. Water with moderate temperature attracts the most nutrients, making the meat fresher and crisper. Taishan boasts ideal average temperatures of 21-27°C, making for the perfect oyster.


Authentic Taishan oysters, raised in 60% salt water and 40% fresh water, is round, slag free, full, and slightly yellow. Oysters grow best when in water with salinity of 15-25%. In Zhenhai Bay, where oysters are cultivated in Taishan, the salinity is a perfect 18-20%. Through the seedling, growth, and fattening stages, the oysters are raised to be fresh, white, fat, and crisp.

3-4 Years

It takes three to four years for oysters to grow from the size of a fingernail to be ready for the market. The oyster will go through four major changes and during this time the oyster rope will move from shallow water with low salinity to deeper water with higher salinity. When Autumn arrives, the oysters try to hoard nutrients and oil in their body for the coming winter, and it is at this moment they are that their most plump and juicy.

Perfect Preparation 

Taishan oysters are usually raised in deep water, where each string of oyster seedlings are attached back to back on the rope and each single rope usually holds 18 oyster seedlings. The rope hangs from the scaffolding so it can float with the waves. This gives the oyster seedlings more room to eat, leading to fatter and more beautiful oysters.

Typhoon Benefits

Typhoons can actually help to improve the taste of an oyster. Acting as a catalyst, a typhoon pushes microbes from the ocean back and forth. This gives the oyster a more varied diet, resulting in larger and fuller oysters.

Meaning of Freshness 

The freshness of the oyster can fall into the category of umami, or savory, as one of the five basic tastes. Yet, it more than a taste. It is a feeling too.


Hyatt Regency Shenzhen Airport

Xiangyue Restaurant | Taishan Oyster Promotion

Promotion period: 2019.10.04 – 2019.11.30

Autumn and winter are the best seasons to enjoy Taishan oyster. Our talented and creative chef from Xiangyue bring to you an oyster feast prepared in a rich variety of cooking styles

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