Chinese Executive Chef Mr Lai Man Kong 中餐行政总厨 黎敏刚

With its stylish dining space decorated with luxurious traditional elements and a wide selection of carefully prepared authentic Cantonese dishes, T’ang Court at The Langham, Shenzhen offers the same exquisite experience and attention to detail as its Michelin-starred restaurants in Hong Kong and Shanghai.

Recently, another “star” has descended upon T’ang Court at The Langham, Shenzhen as Lai Man Kong, the Chinese Executive Chef at The Langham, Shenzhen, makes a guest appearance at the restaurant. Chef Lai will bring a refreshing take on classic Cantonese cuisine with an all-new menu featuring dishes made with the freshest ingredients.

Born in Hong Kong, Chef Lai entered the culinary world when he was just 16 years old. Over the next 30 years, he developed an expertise in Cantonese cuisine with his masterful cooking skills and exceptional kitchen management. Chef Lai previously served as Executive Vice Chef at Hong Kong’s Lei Garden Restaurant, which is widely regarded as a “Culinary Boot Camp”. Later on, he led Ying at Altira Macau in achieving one Michelin star. After joining The Peninsula Shanghai in 2018, he helped the hotel’s Yi Long Court to get a two Michelin star rating.

Chef Lai has a unique insight into Cantonese cuisine, which emphasises that the “wok hei (literally “breath of the wok”) must be strong and the fresh ingredients must be arranged in a simple and appealing manner”. On the dining table, the “warmth” and “aroma” of dishes cooked over a strong fire represent the soul of Cantonese cuisine and deliver original flavours. The beautiful food arrangement allows diners to fully experience the skills of the chef and adds another dimension to the dining experience. 

Chef Lai will be presenting an all-new Cantonese cuisine and dim sum menu that stays true to tradition, while also introducing some refreshing changes. For example, instead of steaming a whole giant grouper, fish balls are used to add a twist in presentation. The fish balls are laid on top of seasonal vegetables for added freshness. Diners will get a chance to taste Prawn with Asparagus, a dish that requires delicate knifework that few in this world can execute. Fresh prawns are put through finely cut asparagus sticks before being stir-fired.

Chef Lai also likes to blend different ingredients that he has discovered in his travels to create dishes with unforgettable depth. For instance, in Rice with Abalone Wrapped in Lotus Leaf, Thai rice, chicken, crab meat, dried scallops and diced bamboo shoots are fried before being wrapped in a lotus leaf and steamed. The dish is served with a special sauce and a generous full abalone.

The new menu also includes reinvented Cantonese dim sums such as shrimp dumpling in the shape of goldfish and shumai with a green skin made with fresh spinach.

For decades, Chef Lai has indulged food lovers with Cantonese cuisine creations that innovate on classic recipes without compromising their traditional values.

Offering an artful blend of traditional cuisine and contemporary design, T’ang Court serves authentic Cantonese cuisine in a modern setting. Guests looking for an intimate dining experience can choose one of T’ang Court’s six private dining rooms. Elegant and exclusive, these discreet havens are the ideal venues for business dinners, a romantic rendezvous or family gatherings.

Traditional Steamed Grouper 古法蟠龙东星斑
Prawns with Asparagus 玉簪玻璃虾球
Rice with Abalone Wrapped in Lotus Leaf 鲍鱼荷叶饭
Cantonese Dim Sums

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