FLA Joins iADC to Hold the first “China – Italy Real Estate Design Forum”

NowShenzhen   |   June 26, 2019

FLA joins iADC to hold the first “China – Italy Real Estate Design Forum” and “Exploration of Italian Manufacturing – a two-day High Quality Manufacturing One on One Meeting”

On June 13 and 14, the City of Tomorrow, China – Italy Real Estate Design Forum was held at the Shenzhen iADC (International Art Design Center). The event was co-sponsored by Federlegno-Arredo (FLA) and iADC, with support from the Consulate General of the Republic of Italy in Guangzhou, and the Italian Trade Commission. Focusing on architectural design, it was a high-standard event with groundbreaking significance for cooperation between Italian enterprises and Chinese real estate design companies.

The Art Director of iADC, Mr. Robin Fang, hosted the event, which was attended by more than 1,000 domestic and foreign designers.

Opening Ceremony of the Forum: China & Italy create a bridge for design exchange

Mr. Li Quanyi, Director of the Bao’an District Culture, Radio, Television, Tourism and Sports Bureau, said at the opening ceremony of the Forum that, as a key cultural industry project in Shenzhen, the iADC International Art Design Center did not only promote the industrial upgrading and transformation of Bao’an District, but also played an extremely important role in promoting cultural and trade exchanges between China and Italy. He expects that Manjinghua iADC International Art Exhibition Center will continue to work hard to play a more active role in promoting and creating better urban spaces.

Mr. Li Quanyi, the Director of Bao’an District Culture, Radio, Television, Tourism and Sports Bureau

Representatives of Italy such as the Consul General of Italy in Guangzhou, Ms. Lucia Pasqualini, Director of ICE Canton, Ms. Cecilia Costantino, President of FLA China, Mr. Roberto Snaidero, Exhibition Director – Salone del Mobile. Milano, Mr. Andrea Vaiani, and Head of International Promotion-FLA Eventi, Mr. Roberto Cuneo, gave speeches at the opening ceremony. They believe that Guangdong was the most economically active region in China, while Shenzhen was hailed as a world-renowned, innovative city that made remarkable achievements within the design industry. The conference was held in Shenzhen in the hope of deepening cooperation between enterprises in the cities of the Greater Bay Area and the Italian furniture industry with the help of the international design platform iADC for the exchange of Italian and Chinese design.

Ms. Lucia Pasqualini, Consul General of Italy in Guangzhou
Ms. Cilia Costantino, Director of ICE Canton
Mr. Roberto Snaidero (left), President of FLA China
Mr. Andrea Vaiani, Exhibition Director – Salone del Mobile. Milano
Mr. Roberto Cuneo, Head of International Promotion-FLA Eventi

As the host, the representative of iADC, Director of Manjinghua Group, Mr. Li Guanwen, delivered a speech at the ceremony. Since opening, iADC has been widely recognized by the design industry, and has been developing in-depth cooperation with internationally renowned brands. The iADC Mall covers almost 300 domestic and foreign high-end household brands, and demonstrates a high-quality household life layout for designers and Shenzhen’s citizens.

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Mr. Li Guanwen, Director of Manjinghua Group
Mr. Robin Fang, Art Director of iADC

Mr. Aldo Cibic, the founder of Cibicworkshop, and one of the “100+ best architecture firms 2019”, delivered a keynote speech on “Vigorous Aesthetics.” He went on to share his first work in Memphis, among many unique design cases resulting from the establishment of Cibicworkshop. He believes that aesthetics may not be universally admired, but that by relying on the ingenuity of designers, many cold things with aesthetic value are slowly integrated into daily life and can show vitality. He also likes Chinese architecture and culture, and hopes to gain different design inspirations from China.

Mr. Aldo Cibic, founder of Cibicworkshop
one of the “100+ best architecture firms 2019

The City of Tomorrow – China Italy Real Estate Design Forum opened with the attendance of both Chinese and Italian representatives, and more than 1,000 spectators.

Opening Ceremony of the first B2B platform

In the meantime, the first B2B entity platform built by iADC and FLA began operation. The Italian Design Museum has settled in the second & thirds floors of iADC Mall with the intention of meeting the high-end product design needs of more Chinese consumers, and conveying the essence of Italian culture and design.

Exploration of Italian Manufacturing – Two-day High-Quality Manufacturing ONE-ON-ONE Meeting

FLA attended the two-day B2B conference by introducing more than 20 brands to Chinese real estate companies. Through this kind of face-to-face exchange, enterprises in both countries can achieve win-win outcomes for future development, and China’s architecture and design industries are being promoted.

Modernity & Tradition: How contemporary architect in China has changed?

Architects have never been absent from urban development.

Mr. Li Xiangning, Professor and Doctoral Tutor of the School of Architecture and Urban Planning at Tongji University, Mr. Shuiyan Fei, co-founder of Naturalbuild, Mr. Meng Fanhao, Co-founder & Chief Architect of Gad·Line + Studio, Principal Architect, Mr. Billy IP, Asian Partner of Woods Bagot, and Mr. Dong Hao, co-founder of Crossboundaries had discussions at the forum.

They believe that people’s definition of tradition varies based on different life experiences, and that the present is a part of history, as tradition is also a part of the future. Architectural design is gradually de-labeling and tradition can become modern by means of innovation. Given freedom from the restriction of architectural form, designers can give full play to their imagination and create design works that are truly different.

The revolution of space & human interaction in both the private & professional sphere

Professor Li Xiangning and Mr. Gao Yitao, co-founder of Interval Architects, Mr. Song Zhaoqing, founder and Chief Architect of Lacime Architects, and Mr. Huang Jing, Vice President of the Design Council Hong Kong, Federation of Hong Kong Industries, want to find answers about the space within the private & professional spheres.

They believe that the pursuit of individualization should be controlled within an appropriate range, but the problem of a similar development pattern in cities is worth rethinking. Operators, governments and Party A companies should adapt their design ideas and management methods to local conditions in both the private and professional spheres to diversify the development of urban construction.

Chinese – Italian famous architects – Looking to the future of urban architecture

Mr. Liu Xiaodu, the Chief Architect and co-founder of Urbanus, delivered a keynote speech on the current living situation faced by Shenzhen’s people: the contradiction between increasing urban population and decreasing space is intensifying, and he is trying to find solutions.

Mr. Liu Xiaodu, Chief Architect and co-founder of Urbanus

“To change the single pattern of space and develop a super-shared community” – is what the team led by Mr. Liu Xiaodu is currently working on. In the future, more and more dynamic and mixed urban spaces will appear in Shenzhen for people’s long-term living.

The founder of Atelier(s) Alfonso Femia / AF517, Mr. Alfonso Femia, also shared a number of design cases. He believes that architecture is linked to how people feel about a city. Light, materials, colors among many other factors are all subtly affecting people’s perception of space. Architects should become practical dreamers and create more works that impact the soul.

Mr. Alfonso Femia, founder of Atelier(s) Alfonso Femia / AF517

The first China – Italy Real Estate Design Forum and the Exploration of Italian Manufacturing – Two-day High-Quality Manufacturing B2B Conference were groundbreaking events which showed the cultural collision between Chinese and Italian design, and deepened the exchanges and cooperation between Chinese and Italian enterprises.

The City of Tomorrow is waiting for further development, and iADC will create more opportunities for Chinese designers for their global development.