SoFun Land – Creativity in The Urban Jungle

NowShenzhen   |   January 4, 2019

Shenzhen is a new city, as a result of this it’s become a melting pot of people from all parts of China and it also has a fast-growing expat community.  This is resulting in the creation of several ‘creative spaces’ throughout the city.  Usually disused or abandoned factories/buildings, these have been re-purposed with cafes, stores, restaurants, bars and art galleries.  The rustic urban feel is a nice juxtaposition to some of the contemporary art and design that is housed in these spaces

SoFun Land is one of the newer creative spaces to pop up in SZ.  Still being developed, this houses a burgeoning art scene and is the location of the much loved Jardin Orange Artist Residence. The architecture here is very cool, with pastel colours, geometric lines, and a clean stylish look.  Lots of Instagram worthy shots await you. It is not the biggest of place, but this area is in a grid style layout, this means you can wander down the side streets and alleyways, exploring and searching without getting lost. I suggest you keep looking up when meandering around, as the design and creativity above you can be simply gorgeous.

Graffiti Land

The stand out part of SoFun Land is the graffiti.  Huge murals on the side of buildings, or tiny pieces sprayed into the corners, this will have something everyone will smile at.  Any fan of The Big Bang Theory especially will enjoy it, because of the massive artwork of Sheldon Cooper on the side of the building.  Most definitely a selfie worthy picture! In fact you are flanked on either side by building size graffiti.  This was a first for me and it’s a very memorable experience as I’m sure it will be for anyone reading this.  You can spend an age just walking around seeing how much graffiti you can spot here.  Many of the graffiti has pop culture reference and it will bring a smile to your face.  I would estimate there are over 100 bits of graffiti or more here, so get spotting and get snapping!

Café Culture

As with most creative spaces in Shenzhen there are coffee shops to be found.  While there many not be as many as, for instance, OCT LOFT you still have ample choices to sit and people watch while sipping a nice latte or two.  They have a creative feel to them, fitting really for their surroundings, and each one is individually styled and is a slice of contemporary coolness. Whether it’s a coffee to go, or a sit and relax this place has the options for you.  A few bars and restaurants are dotted around too, should you get hungry or fancy a cold beer.   I would definitely say this place is worth the visit, its unlike anything in SZ even though there are other creative spaces this one is unique.  Better to go here on the weekend, because during a weekday it can be a bit of a ghost town.

Want to go?

Tanglang metro station (line 5 ) Exit D.  Walk forward for around 15-20 mins.

133 Tangxing Lu, Nanshan District

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