CrunchGear in Shenzhen: Seeing Where the Tech Sausage Is Made

Now Shenzhen   |   September 1, 2021

Gadget website CrunchGear editor John Biggs stopped by Shenzhen last week. We caught up with him for a drink at Club Viva. He wrote about is first impressions of Shenzhen and then mentioned something that people living in this manufacturing boomtown know:

We believe that machines make our machines. This is not true. Humans make our machines and they work long hours for a bit of comfort and an increasing wage. If you think your laptop or even your USB keys plop out like fully-formed electronic fetuses, think again. Each device we own has been touched by countless human hands in the process of prototyping, PCD manufacturing, casing, embossing/printing, and packaging. We forget this truth at our peril.

Read his Full Post on CrunchGear.

Looking forward to hearing about the rest of John’s trip in further blog posts.