Free Public WIFI Access in Futian

Shirley Liang Jingmin   |   August 30, 2021

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If you find yourself in Futian or lucky enough to be a local Futian sider, then you no longer have to worry about using your own internet on your phone or tablet now that there is Free Public WIFI access in most public areas in Futian! 

In 2013, the local Futian government successfully completed the phase one of the “smart Futian WIFI”, building an interactive platform between the government and its people. This function has been warmly received as it has increased the efficiency of government service windows bringing convenience and reflecting the wishes of the tech-savvy population. This service is only available in Futian because it is a project by Futian government. It works both inside and outside buildings as long as the spot is one of the hotspots.

Wifi Name: SZ-WLAN (Free) & Coverage

2014 witness the second phase of said project. Currently, a total of 621 free WIFI hotspots have been created for the public’s online use with coverage in most of the lobbies, parks, sports and culture centers, health centers and hospitals in the local government area. These areas include:

  • 8 government halls: Civic Centre Hall, Shenzhen China Local Business Hall, Futian District Local Business Hall, etc
  • 9 city parks: Lotus Hill, Bijiashan Park, Lychee Park, etc
  • 34 cultural and sports activity venues: Shenzhen Music Hall, Shenzhen Library, Children’s Palace, etc
  • 102 Libraries in Futian
  • 13 city hospitals: Peking University Hospital, Shenzhen Chinese Medicine Hospital, Futian Hospital, etc
  • 80 community health service centre: Peng Sheng Community, etc

How to connect:

Simply search for SZ-WLAN (free) in your WIFI search list, and enter you mobile number in the accompanying link for which you will receive a password. It will then direct you to the Futian WIFI WAP page and then you should achieve free internet access.

Or you can download the Smart Futian WIFI Access App (智慧福田WIFI通) and activate it though your phone, tablet or laptop. This is currently only in Chinese so you may require some help from a Chinese friend.