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We verify. You apply.

Teacher Record, owned by Shenzhen Federated Database Education Technology Co., Ltd., provides an extensive resource for online ESL jobs.

As a big recruitment league for foreign language teaching, we have gathered together lots of verified school members which are foreign language schools and training institutions in China.

As a large foreign language teachers’ career information base, we have attracted a great number of high-quality applicants from English-speaking countries.

We are dedicated to a convenient job application, an efficient resume screening, a one-step interview with quick responses and an all-time link between applicants and recruiters.

As you can see, it is your own Teacher Record!

TRA Certificate

TRA Certificate refers to TeacherRecord Attendance Certificate which shows your good attendance and punctuality. It is easy and free to obtain. You just need to open slots on the website or in the mobile APP without actually doing classes. However, you are required to click the “Check in” button within a specific time period for each booked slot. You will get TRA Certificate when you have passed the evaluation.

Apart from good teaching skills, school members think highly of teachers’ stability, good attendance and punctuality. TRA Certificate will increase your chances of success.

How the Evaluation Goes

You need to log into our online simulative scheduling system and open a specific number of slots. Some slots will be automatically booked but you do not need to do classes. You are just required to click the “Check in” button any time within a specific time period for each booked slot. Failing to do that will be regarded as Absent, which will affect the final result of our evaluation.

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