Recruit your English-speaking team

David Ho   |   July 20, 2020

We have upgraded our job section and are welcoming all companies to use it as a recruitment channel for English speakers. Our Shenzhen sites have always attracted a great mix of English speaking Chinese, Overseas Chinese Students and of course Expats. Our site acts as a natural filter for attracting top talent English speakers. Now we offer a relaunched job section at

All new jobs posted go to the new site, you will get even more applicants. Candidates will like the clean mobile-friendly design, and ability to send resumes by email from their phone. Since candidates don’t have to create an account, more will send their resume to companies than ever before.

New improvements

  • More quality job postings
  • Create an account while simultaneously posting your job
  • Jobs expire after 30 days to keep the content fresh
  • Common platform that displays on mobile
  • Google spam protection
  • Candidate responses can go directly to your Inbox or your applicant tracking system
  • Standard Web Security using SSL
  • Increased search engine ranking

For at least the next 60 days basic job postings will continue to be free so be sure to try the new system and provide feedback to [email protected].

Learn how to use the site with our help section.