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NowShenzhen   |   October 22, 2018

We are Hanlin

Hanlin Language Center is a professional language school located in Shekou, with more than 200 students from over 20 different countries.

With a mix of rich experience and expert teaching along with a personal touch, it’s not surprising that Hanlin Language Center is so popular with students who wish to learn a new language.

It’s also not only a place for learning, but somewhere unforgettable memories are made and long-lasting friendships are created. It’s a place for old students to return home and for new students to start a new chapter in their lives. A place where each and every student is made to feel like they are special. 

Choose the course that’s right for you 

Hanlin Language Center provides a wide variety of professional language courses to meet the needs of any student, no matter what your level is or your requirements are. 

English course

Improve your Chinese whatever your level or requirements

If you are looking for somewhere to learn Chinese, there’s no better place than Hanlin Language Center. They have a course for you whether you wish to learn practical Chinese, Chinese for business, prepare for HSK, or have your children learn the local language. 

Other Language Course 

Tried and tested English courses taught by professional teachers

The market is flooded with businesses offering subpar English courses. Hanlin Language Center offers professional courses taught by qualified teachers, no matter if you need English for business, daily life, or for the kids.

Choose from a wide variety of foreign languages

Hanlin Language Center is not only for learning Chinese and English though. If you want to prepare for studying overseas, a new job, holiday, or even just want to try something new, Hanlin Language Center offers a variety of other languages, namey, Japanese, Cantonese, Thai, French, and Spanish.

100% HSK pass rate

Due to the dedication of the teachers and the efforts of the students, Hanlin Language Center boasts a proud record of maintaining an HSK pass rate of 100%. 

Engaging Lessons

Hanlin Language Center offer classes that engage students. If you want to see for yourself, check out a video of a class

Fascinating Cultural Events  

It’s not only about classes at Hanlin Language Center. The teachers and staff go further for their students to organize cultural events. Check out some of the previous events the teachers have arranged

Where You Can Find Classes

Hanlin Language Center offer classes in the following areas:

  • Shekou
  • Nanshan
  • Bao’an
  • Futian
  • Luohu
  • Longhua 


Hanlin Language Center is a professional language school. Their mission is to apply the knowledge learned in class into practice and help students achieve their learning targets. They spread Chinese culture to help foreign students master the Chinese language allowing them to better adapt to local life. Their students come from different parts of the world, such as the USA, Great Britain, India, Japan, France, Germany, and Belgium, making Hanlin Language Center a real global village. Their Chinese students and foreign students are good learning partners that help each other. Join Hanlin Language Center today and start your new learning journey. 

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Address: 706, 7F, Building A, Li’an Business Tower, Wanghai Road, Shekou (dōng jiǎo tóu station Exit A)深圳蛇口望海路利安商务大厦 A 座 706(东角头 A 出口,中国海关旁蓝色大楼)