Baishizhou: The Urban Villages of Shenzhen

Monica Zhou   |   August 31, 2021

Baishizhou is one of the largest urban villages of Shenzhen, which has the most numerous farmers’s houses. The most of outsiders who came to shenzhen have had some memory in Baishizhou life. Don’t forget watch our video below !

As is well known, Baishizhou has convenient traffic conditions a unique geographical and also it’s easy to find the cheapest houses here, that’s why all migrant workers from all over the world are gathering here, they dont have a common language except the only common is ‘rent’.

Walking on the street, you can see shops and people are everywhere, Baishizhou has the rich flavour of life. There are so many tiny cheap houses, that’s why it becomes the first place where migrant workers and college graduates to find affordable accommodations for rent.

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