Dapeng Ancient City of China

Harry Fozzard   |   August 29, 2021

A visit to China is never complete without dropping in at Dapeng Ancient City.   This city was built during the Ming Dynasty around 1394 to serve as a naval base to counter pirates coming from the South China Sea.   The fort also played an important role during the Opium War fought against the British forces.  A hundred thousand square meters in area, Dapeng town in Shenzen is a well-preserved town, so well-preserved that the buildings and the narrow winding streets still look the way they did during the Ming and Qing dynasties, giving one a feel of how life was in Imperial China.  The city is actually still surrounded by the stone wall built centuries ago.

There are three main roads in Dapeng town in Shenzen: the East Gate Street, South Gate Street and Main Street.  A series of gates serve as the entrance to the city.  Walking through the city, one can not help but be impressed by the remarkable buildings especially those that served as the residences of the generals who were in command of the fortress.  One should not miss General Zhenwei’s home with its beautiful courtyards and magnificent halls contained in the extensive grounds.  The ancient temples with their intricate designs just take your breath away.

Getting to Dapeng town in Shenzen through public transport takes time.  There are group tours available but you might not enjoy it much because of the limited time you get to stay. If you have enough time on your hands and would like to see the scenery on the way to Dapeng Town, car rentals are available.  Driving gives you the freedom to organize your schedule and the places to visit.  Keep in mind though that you are not in your country and driving guidelines are different here.  Some things to remember:

Driver’s license – Foreign Driver’s license is not recognized anywhere in China, so better get a local one if you plan to drive.  You can get one in any of the major cities.

Speed Limit – Do take note of the speed limit and observe them.

Route – Always have a map in hand to see if you are following the correct roads going to your destination.  In going to Dapeng Town from Shenzen, you have to go east from Shennan Avenue, and pass through Binhe RoadSungang RoadBuxin Road.  Then proceed to Shatoujiao by way of Liantang and Wutong Mount.  Next is Kuichong through Yanba Expressway from Yantian.  Enter Pingxi First-Class Highway and exit at Dapeng Ancient City or Nuclear Power Station.  Turn left when you see Dapeng Sculpture, and drive 6 kilometers more.

If you are coming from GuangzhouDongguanZhuhai: go on to Guangshen Expressway until you are 1 kilometer to the airport then turn to Jihe Expressway.  From Jihe turn to Yanhui Expressway at the He’ao terminal and go out at Longgang/Pingshan Intersection then turn right to find Dapeng Town.
Keep in mind too that since you are visiting a historical site, where everything is fragile, smoking is not allowed or any acts that may cause damage to any artifact.

Photo by Yanfeng Liu.

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