Shenzhen Bay Sports Center to Open to the Publi

Kelly Chan   |   August 28, 2021

Shenzhen Daily, Wang Yuanyuan reported that “THE Shenzhen Bay Sports Center, also known as the “Spring Cocoon” in Nanshan District, will open to the public Sept. 10, when Taiwanese singer Tsai Chin would stage a concert, yesterday’s Yangcheng Evening News reported.

    The sports facilities at the stadium would be open for residents soon, said an official surnamed Lu from the China Resources Holdings Co. Ltd., the company in charge of managing the center.

    There will be at least 10 concerts and other activities at the center between September and December. These would include solo concerts by singers such as Tsai Chin and Jay Chou of Taiwan and major performances sponsored by Taiwan-based Rock Records Co. Ltd. and Shenzhen Media Group, as well as auto fairs, said Lu.

    More sports facilities, such as basketball and tennis courts and football fields, would be built in the neighboring area.

    Meanwhile, the Longgang Universiade Sports Center would also open to public soon. The square at the center would be free for morning and evening exercise, while 36 tennis courts had already been opened charging 10 yuan (US$1.53) per hour in the morning and 20 yuan per hour in the afternoon.

    The tennis courts would soon be opened at night and the cost was expected to be 30 percent lower than courts in downtown areas, said You Fuyong, the center’s operations manager. ” (Wang Yuanyuan)

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