Shenzhen Metro Line 2 (Shekou Line) will be ready this December 28th

Monica Zhou   |   October 8, 2021

Shenzhen’s Metro Line 2 will be opened on December 28th, 2010. And this article will provide you with more ideas about the new metro line in Shenzhen.

The Shekou Line is supposed to have 29 stations in total when it is fully completed in around July 2011. However, it will just partially opened this December 28th, which will be running from Chiwan Station to the Window of the World Station.

The fee collection system is not settled down yet. But information from the Shenzhen Metro Group shows that the current fee collection system of Metro Line 1 will still be used in the new metro line 2 for the present. That is, RMB2 yuan for entrance, and for every three station intervals, RMB1yuan more will be charged.

Below are the stations included:

  1. Chiwan Station: the beginning station; can transfer to Line 5 in the future.
  2. Shekou Harbor Station: in front of Shekou Harbor; South of Gangwan Avenue.
  3. Sea World Station: on Taizi Road; in front of Taizi Square; is planned to be a transfer station to Line 10 in the future.
  4. Shui Wan Station: on Nanshui Road; west of Shuiwan Road.
  5. Dong Jiao Tou Station: at the cross road of Nanshui Road and Shekou Xin Jie Road.
  6. Wan Xia Station: on Hou Hai Bin Road; South of Zhao Shang Dong Road.
  7. Hai Yue Station: at the cross road of Hou Hai Bin Road and Gong Ye Ba Road.
  8. Deng Liang Station: on Hou Hai Bin Road; south of Deng Liang Road.
  9. Hou Hai Station: at the cross road of Hou Hai Bin Road and Hai De Second Avenue.
  10. Ke Yuan Station: on Gao Xin Nan Shi Avenue; east of Ke Yuan Nan Road; is planned to be a transfer station to Line 15 in the future.
  11. Hong Shu Wan Station: on Bai Shi San Road; east of Shen Wan Yi Road.
  12. Window of the World: on Shen Nan Road; can transfer to Line 1.

Most of the names for the stations and roads above are translated from Mandarin Pinyin. So anybody who has a better translation version can sent it to [email protected] We will then share your knowledge with all the users, and a prize will be given to you as a warm regard.

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