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[Haikou, Hainan Province, China – 16 March 2018] In the mid-1930s, a celebrated German aviator called Wulf-Diether Graf zu Castell-Rüdenhausen flew over China with his Leica camera, recording stunning landscapes, natural features and historical monuments. For more than 80 years his photos have remained undiscovered and unseen – until now.

On April 7, Mission Hills Group, owners and operators of the world’s largest golf and leisure facility, will launch the ”China Flug” (meaning China Flight) photography exhibition at the luxury Mission Hills Haikou resort on the tropical Chinese island of Hainan.  

On display will be several precious and historical photos which have remained unseen to the world for many years, amazingly found at Castell’s family home. These photographs record incredible images of old China through the power of aerial photography.

Visitors will experience a special exhibition encapsulating the past and blazing a new trail towards a brighter future in photography. They will witness a side to China not seen before as China’s beauty and diversity are displayed for all to see.

Castell has become a legend, not just because of his aerial photography but also because of the precious images he captured. With his Leica camera he was able to capture China through a tumultuous time. He flew over cities, countryside, rolling hills, ports and residential areas including riverbeds and farmlands which were previously undocumented. He was able to encapsulate the spirit of the time with great style and panache and will be remembered as an amazing pioneer both as an aviator and a photographer.

The “China Flug” exhibition will run from April 7 for 45 days at Mission Hills Centreville in Haikou.  Entry will be free, in celebration of the 30th anniversary of Hainan’s status as a province.

Wulf-Diether Graf zu Castell-Rüdenhausen, photographer of the “China Flug” exhibition

Bilder bearbeitet durch Wolfram Reuter, Langenzenn

“We are honoured to team up with Mission Hills – like Leica, a family-owned business and a pioneer in its field – to bring these significant photos of China to the Chinese public,” said Chairman of the Supervisory Board Leica Camera AG, Dr Andreas Kaufmann, owner of the Ernst Leitz Archiv- und Museums gemeinnützige GmbH.
“China Flug is an example of how Leica captured the past one hundred years of human history. It is also a showcase of the long friendship built between Germany and China,” added Karin Kaufmann, Art Director of Leica Gallery International and Chairwoman of the Ernst Leitz Archiv- und Museums gemeinnützige GmbH.

“Mission Hills Haikou, the most visited tourist attraction in Hainan, is delighted to partner with Leica, with more than 100 years of history, to create yet another first for China and for the world,” added Tenniel Chu, Group Vice Chairman of Mission Hills. “As China’s international tourism island, it is befitting that Hainan should be the location to unveil these remarkable aerial photos of China that have remained a secret for so long. It is our gift to the province and its people to celebrate Hainan’s 30th anniversary!” 

Sun Ying, director of the Hainan Provincial Tourism Development Commission commented: “Visitors to Hainan continue to grow year on year and the province received more than 67.45 million tourists in 2017, up 12.2 per cent year-on-year, contributing 81 billion yuan in revenue. Mission Hills has been at the forefront of tourism in Haikou for close to a decade and the China Flug exhibition will be another hugely popular attraction for visitors to Hainan.”

 Aerial photo of Shanghai on The Bund, taken by a Leica camera 80 years ago

Hilton Shenzhen Futian Lan Ting Dim Sum Newly Release

SHENZHEN, China – March 16, 2018 – Starting from March 24, traditional style Dim Sum will be newly released in Floor 23 Lan Ting in Hilton Shenzhen Futian. You can enjoy Dim Sum a la cart from 11:30 to 14:00 during weekdays and all you can eat from 9:30 to 14:00 every weekends and public holidays with RMB168 per person.

Lanting Specialty and Steamed Dim Sum is not only the classical flavor with Chef’s delicate handmade craft, it also released some creative food, include Fresh Abalone and Shrimp Dumpling, Deep-fried Glutinous Dumpling with Shrimps and kinds of Sichuan style snacks. Steamed Crab Meat – Pork Bun in Pumpkin Broth or Steamed Beef Tripe with Bean Paste will treat your appetite greatly. Snack-sized portions of pan-fried, deep-fried, and steamed food served in bamboo steamers, the weekend morning will be a pleasing start. Golden Snack is the yummy ending with selected tea.


Order now from Hotel Official Wechat Shop, enjoy hotel special offer with RMB98 person and RMB128 per person. Scan QR code below. Treat your morning with Dim Sum moment via : 8435 6555.

Place Name: 兰亭中餐厅 Hilton Shenzhen Futian Lan Ting
Place Address: 23F, Hilton Shenzhen Futian, Tower B, Great China International Finance Centre, Shenzhen
深圳市福田区深南大道1003号大中华国际金融中心B座, 大中华希尔顿酒店23楼
Place Phone: 0755-8435 6555.

General Manager Appointment of Crowne Plaza Shenzhen Longgang City Centre


InterContinental Hotels Group is pleased to announce the appointment of Ms. Diana Zhu as the General Manager of Crowne Plaza Shenzhen Longgang City Centre.

As a professional hotelier with 20 years’ experience, worked with several hotel groups including IHG, Shangri-la and Kempinski, Ms. Zhu brings a wealth of experience with a solid background in sales & marketing, revenue management and hotel operations to her new role.

Before joining in Crowne Plaza Shenzhen Longgang City Centre, Ms. Zhu worked in Hualuxe Haikou Sea View as EAM. With her keen market insight, implementation of the brand service concept and excellent leadership, Ms. Zhu led the brand new hotel a renowned accommodation choice for tourists in Haikou within 6 months. Her enduring efforts also earn the hotel the IHG Gold Dragon Awards and Silver Dragon Awards for two consecutive years, highly recognized by IHG Group for the hotel’s outstanding performance.

Starting her new journey at Crowne Plaza Shenzhen Longgang City Centre, Ms. Zhu will lead a highly motivated team with the philosophy of “Harmony” for the “great hotels guest love”.



朱凌女士拥有二十年的酒店工作经验,曾任职于洲际集团,香格里拉集团和凯宾斯基集团旗下多个国际品牌酒店。 丰富的国际品牌从业经验为其职业生涯奠定了坚实的基础, 在市场战略、收益管理和酒店运营上都有独特的见解和丰富的实践经验。

在加入深圳龙岗皇冠假日酒店之前, 朱凌女士任海口华彩华邑酒店助理行政经理一职。作为酒店的开业管理团队成员之一,朱凌女士以精准的市场战略定位、独特的中国文化宣传,成功将洲际集团旗下的新品牌“华邑”推向本地市场,在酒店开业的首月实现盈利,并且仅用了不到半年的时间,将海口华彩华邑酒店打造成海口的知名国际品牌酒店,开业以来连续两年获得洲际集团为杰出表现酒店颁发的金龙奖和银龙奖。 



Crowne Plaza Shenzhen Longgang City Centre

电话/T755 3318188


9009 Longxiang Avenue, Longgang City Centre, Longggang District, Shenzhen 518172

Shenzhen Design Week 2018 Calls for Projects

The 2nd Shenzhen Design Week in 2018, with the theme of “Possibilities of Design”, will open on April 20 and conclude on April 30. The main venue is to be set at the Sea World Culture and Arts Center in Shekou, and the Museum of Contemporary Art and Urban Planning in downtown area.

SZDW_300.pngShenzhen Design Week (SZDW), sponsored by the Shenzhen Municipal Government, takes place every year in late April. SZDW is the largest and highest level international professional design event in Shenzhen, covering the widest range of categories. It aims to establish an international platform integrating exchange, promotion, display and education activities, to create a number of branded projects, to promote the exchange and collaboration between Shenzhen and other regions in design sector, and to supply a platform for foreign designers and design companies to enter Chinese market.

With the theme of “Design for the Future”, more than 200 designers from 18 countries participated in the 1st Shenzhen Design Week in 2017. More than 2,000 design works were on display, including graphic design, product design, fashion design, interactive devices, space and architecture, and multimedia, among others. It attracted more than 100,000 viewers. Except for the main venue at Shekou i-Factory, 45 design events were held at 16 different locations all over the city, including exhibitions, forums, workshops, seminars, family events and so on.

The 2nd Shenzhen Design Week in 2018, with the theme of “Possibilities of Design”, will open on April 20 and conclude on April 30. The main venue is to be set at the Sea World Culture and Arts Center in Shekou, and the Museum of Contemporary Art and Urban Planning in downtown area.


The Sea World Culture and Arts Center in Shekou will be one of the two main venues.


The Museum of Contemporary Art and Urban Planning will be another main venue.

The organizing committee is now calling for projects from all UNESCO Creative Cities for the Special Exhibition of UCCN entitled the Possibilities of Design: UCCN Perspectives, which will one of the key events of Shenzhen Design Week 2018. Intox, a local design company in Shenzhen was commissioned as curator.

The applicants need to submit detailed information including:

1) The title, outline and details of the projects in English, and at least three high-definition images (1024 x 768 pixels at least, in JPEG format, with a resolution of 300 dpi or more);

2) The profiles of the applicants and teams (including resumes and achievements, etc.), and high-definition photos and contact information;

3) Installation requirements, if applicable;

4) Stories or exhibiting experience of the projects, if any.

The specific requirements and conditions are as follows:

1) While in general applicants of approved projects should cover the shipping and insurance cost, the curator will select maximum 30 best projects for which the Secretariat will cover the shipping and insurance, in needed.

2) The projects can vary in disciplines, including but not limited to graphic, industrial and product, fashion, architecture, interior, interactive installation, media arts, etc.

3) The authors of approved projects should sign an agreement with the organizer, i.e. Shenzhen City of Design Promotion Association (SDPA), the text of which will be provided by the Secretariat.

All projects should be submitted before 25th March 2018 by emailing to Ms. Shuya Yang at szdw2018@intox.cn and shuya@intox.cn. Result will be sent to all applicants before 31st March. Objects of selected projects should arrive in Shenzhen before 10th April. The exhibition opens on 20th April and will last for about 15 days.

The shipping address is

Secretariat, Shenzhen Design Week

Mailing Address: Room 102, 4th Building, E-Hub, Qianhai, Shenzhen (Please mark “Application materials for 2nd Design Week projects”)

Contact: Ms. Shuya Yang

Tel: 0086 755 66619298

For more details, please log on the official website: http://www.sz.design/, or follow us on Wechat.

QR code SZDW.gif

National SEO campaign

National SEO vs. Local SEO

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8 Foreign Movies Open in Shenzhen Theaters in February 2018

The Greatest Showman
mǎ xì zhī wáng  

 Thursday, February 01  


Movie Info:   age 10+

Inspired by the imagination of P.T. Barnum, The Greatest Showman is an original musical that celebrates the birth of show business & tells of a visionary who rose from nothing to create a spectacle that became a worldwide sensation. Continue reading 8 Foreign Movies Open in Shenzhen Theaters in February 2018